How To Clean The Leaves Of Plants

The leaves house plants should be cleaned on a frequent basis.

In the closed of our homes, in fact, on the leaves of our plants it tends to deposit a layer of dust and dirt that in addition to making them more aesthetically ugly limits their same functionality.

Plants breathe and absorb moisture by means of the leaves. Both leaf blades should therefore be cleaned periodically to prevent clogging the stomata.

Unfortunately many web sites tend to give advice on the leaf cleaning that should be considered the real threats to the health of our plants; some have suggested to clean the leaves with a cloth soaked in beer or with oil. If as we said leaves must breathe, it is quite clear that the use of oily substances does not facilitate this task but tend, on the contrary, to clog the pores of the leaves as well as to make them even more easily prey of the dust that will tend to sticking out of them.

plants outside apartment

The houseplants are divided into plants by large leaves such as Ficus elastica and other leaves from small and numerous, such as the Ficus benjamina.

Indoor plants with small leaves require a little patience to be clean, if you do not have time, if you do not feel, postponed this activity and remember that you are dealing with a living thing that needs to be treated with due respect. You do hear your beloved plants and they will thank you with lush vegetation.

Let’s see how we can act for the cleaning of the leaves.

Shower of warm water

In the winter season is obviously not the case to bring the plants outside the apartment so you can organize doing them a bath, or rather a hand shower; you can place the potted plant in the bathtub or in the shower and after isolating the layer of earth with a plastic sheet, so that you do not dunk, you can with the hand shower to wash the leaves. The water jet should not be too violent and the temperature of the water should be tepid. During the summer season there is nothing better than a rainy day to keep plants clean; When it rains too hard not to bring outside your plants so that they can enjoy a few hours of outside air, but retire before night.

Damp cloth

Wanting to wipe the leaves well we can fill a sprayer with warm water and spray the leaves of the plant. Moisten with water even a soft cotton cloth or, better, one layer of cotton wool and, by supporting the underside of the leaves with one hand, gently pass the damp cloth on the upper surface which is then the one that collects the majority of the dirty.

In the video found below, the water is sprayed on the cloth and then the cloth used for cleaning; spray directly on the leaves, however, will cause the formation of droplets on the leaves that will help us better understand what we cleaned leaves and what not, especially when it comes to a plant with many small leaves. Let’s start from the top with the cleaning and slowly get to the leaves at the base of the plant.

We can also prepare a mixture with two parts water and one part of milk and fill the spray bottle with this solution. The presence of milk will also have a polishing function.

The peel of a banana

Do you like bananas? Here’s an absolutely natural makeup to clean the leaves of plants; It is to wipe them gently with the soft part (the inside) of the banana peel. The powder remains attached to the peel and juice nourishes the leaves.

Brush with soft bristles

If your plants are often rather hairy leaves then the cleaning methods described above are not for you; in this case the leaves should be cleaned nor with water or with polishes as the leaves of a viral. The leaves are then simply dusted using a very soft brush bristles.


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