Decorate a House in 3D And Design Apartments

Decorate a House in 3D And Design Apartments – Even the architectural profession today can be done by anyone for the work of a possible restructuring of the home, both in terms of decor, both in terms of bricklaying for changing rooms and the structure of the house or apartments.

Not only so there are free online services and programs to draw buildings and interiors but they are also very easy to use and fun.

So if you have to decorate or renovate the most local of an apartment, it becomes useful, cheap and fun to draw and think about the changes for themselves and verify preview graphics in three dimensions what results you can achieve.


3D home design apartments

In this way you will get a clear idea, although virtual, how will be the apartment.

1. Sweet Home 3D ( is the best free program for interior design that becomes an indispensable support to design the arrangement of furniture in the house. The digital map is drawn with a 2D interface and can be created from scratch or import an already existing plan and modify the layout of walls, spaces, windows, doors, etc. After drawing the first draft it is already possible to verify their design work with a 3D preview.

SweetHome3D provides a basic furniture catalog, and the ability to import other additional objects or you can create your own 3D models. A house built with SweetHome3D example, you can download and see after you install the program: Sweet Home 3D is available in Italian, and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris; from the home page you can download the program and check the documentation.

2. Autodesk Homestyler ( is a web application that is a free app for high-level Android and iPad tablet to design apartments with a 3D view of the layout of the house.
The selection of the structural elements and furniture you can add and move inside the house with a simple drag & drop.
The rooms can be designed in different shapes and dimensions, may then have full freedom, doors, walls, windows and furniture.
The project can be saved online and, if you want, shared with other users.

3. Planner5D ( is a website in Italian that allows you to use a web app online flash to create projects of rooms, buildings or houses with viewing in 3D from above or 3/4.

The architectural and furniture elements made available by the application are many and graphically very attractive that they become useful to create rooms, apartments, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and so on anywhere in the house or apartment. It offers complete construction projects of rooms, fixtures, furniture, architecture with complete freedom to add or remove any item that you want and also to select furniture that IKEA.

Easy to use, with 2D and 3D views, you can create a home or draw an office from scratch, or select a picture uploaded by other users and modify it to your liking.

4. IKEA Home Planner ( to design a dining room and kitchen with Ikea furniture.

5. PlanningWiz ( is a fun online service, so there is nothing to download and it works only on the internet page, to design the decor of a room in a simple and intuitive but high quality as it was professional interior decorators.
Many tools available, just drag the many elements which are provided in the room and then, if necessary, change them at will in both shape and position. The project created can be emailed, printed, and saved to a free account.

6. Roomsketcher ( is an online planning tool to design the apartment and arrange the furniture on the map.
Its 3D viewer is also very sophisticated and allows you to see more detail the house, from any angle.

7. Roomstyler ( is another tool for the design and the interior design of apartments and houses in 3D.
MyDeco is a free flash application with which you have furniture and objects of any type dwelling simulating a room or the whole house by adding steps, doors, windows, furniture and accessories.
Items can be moved by dragging and you can change the colors.

8. Floorplanner ( is a tool that allows you to design and furnish a virtual home online in 3D via the web application, and without downloading any program.
It all happens via drag & drop or drag and you can enter and draw a large amount of furniture and furnishing.
Projects can be saved and shared on the internet.
Floorplanner is Italian and can be integrated as an application for Google Drive on Chrome.

9. pCon.planner ( is a free program to install on your PC to protect archittetonici spaces and rooms of the house.
Dedicated primarily to architects as a free alternative to AutoCAD.

10. SmallBluePrinter ( is an online service to draw the map of the house and then allows you to walk through it in 3D.

11. From the same authors then you can also try Garden Planner ( to design a garden.

12. ColorJive instead allows you to paint the walls of a room virtually, just upload the photo and then verify by coloring effect to your computer or decorating it how you want.

Finally point out the article which describes methods, not only to construct building projects, but to draw any objects in 3D and to create tridmensionali animations and to create an internal virtual tour through photographs.


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