Design For A Mini Apartment

From a room of about 35 square meters basement, near the center of Rome, it has been converted into a mini apartment with living room with kitchen area, bedroom and bathroom.

Mini apartment of 35 square meters

From a small room of about 35 square meters near the center of Rome, in the historic district of Monte Verde Vecchio, a mini apartment with living room with kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom it has been converted.

The need of the purchaser of the work was to get a ideal pied a terre of a basement in which it owns, the main problems were very small spaces and rather cramped as well as low light and humidity.

Pleasant mini apartment with practical design

In the design: a sloping wall so as to narrow the bedroom

To expand the entry-stay, it was decided to create a sloped wall in order to enlarge, even visually, the living area and not to restrict too much the bedroom.

In particular, the wall that divides the living area from the bedroom, it’s just been tilted in part, and to such an extent as to allow placing the double bed on the inside of the chamber and, on the side of the ‘entrance to the mini apartment, two-seater sofa with a pullout bed for extra guests.

Opposite the sofa was expected angle for TV and, in addition, where the wall back straight, the angle at the dining table, placed under the window and in front of the equipped kitchen wall.

Behind the dining table, it was created a small utility room which the owner so he kept for storing all accessories for home cleaning or other kinds of tools. It is accessed by a white folding door, as well as white is the color of the walls and ceiling, to increase the brightness of the environments.

Although the kitchen is a day and no separate entrance, living room, using a pre-existing indentation on the wall, the fires and the kitchen sink were partially recessed, creating a small separate space for the cooking area.

To make the most of the space, it is another niche to cash in the refrigerator was also created.

Even in the bedroom, in the wall opposite the one where he is resting tilted the bed, it was created a niche for cash a mirrored wardrobe with sliding doors.

From the inner side of the bath, instead, at the cabinet end, it was created a customized space for cash in the washing machine, placed in the bottom of the bath and near the window.

Custom furniture to make the most of the space

Every nook and extent of the premises of this mini-apartment has been designed and manufactured paying attention to every centimeter, because all the furnishings, including the equipped kitchen wall, were custom made.

To access from the bedroom to the bathroom, they were built two steps to allow the plumber to carry out the exhaust pipe with the slope required.

In addition, before the mounting of the floor, to solve the problems related to moisture, a crawl space with sockets of the external air has been realized which allow the flow and the air circulation.

For the flooring was chosen a porcelain tile, the same for all environments, from light travertine type color. With the same type of tile, also they were coated the walls of the bath, thus creating a kind of particularly warm and insulated box.

From the catalog of the same manufacturer of the tiles for the floor, it was elected to another format, the same color, to coat the recess along the wall system, behind which are the fires and wash basin.

Finally, to increase the brightness of the environments and to prevent any light they hit points directly into the eyes, having regard to the reduced height of the premises, along the whole perimeter of the two rooms of the light diffusers have been mounted.

It is thus obtained an effect of diffused and warm light that well makes up for the lack of natural light.


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