Divide Kitchen From Living Room

Your goal is to divide kitchen from living room?

There are many proposals to meet your needs. They range from peninsulas, to libraries, to the dividing walls or sliding doors to the booths.

Protagonist is undoubtedly the glass, in its various forms and facets, ready to separate the rooms without losing brightness and without interrupting the continuity of the whole.

According to different requirements, there are also different solutions can be adopted.

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Make a sliding glass door or a partition wall

Perfect for separating the kitchen and living room have sliding doors partitions, preferably enriched with exclusive coatings are ideal to give a touch of class to your home.

This solution allows the closing and total separation of the two environments, properties which is very useful when you want to isolate the environments also smells and noises.

If necessary, we can instead enjoy a full open space.

This solution is well suited even when we want to build a house in Japanese style.

To split an open environment can be a useful element to separate, or delimit the affected areas with a simple booths.

The booths must be a screening element useful, discreet, not binding as the construction of an entire partition.

There are several companies that manufacture different models of partition walls, but for lovers of DIY the booth is an element that can be purpose-built.

For those who dare to buy an aquarium maxi last generation able to reinvent spaces and remedy the environmental separation with a very special element and highly effective.

It ‘definitely a revolutionary idea to divide the kitchen from living room by a fire place centrally.

This way you can take advantage of the calorific value of the fireplace to heat two rooms and enjoying a partition that enhances the design of our house.

Divide the kitchen from the living room with a wall system or library

More common, however, consider a reversible fitted wall to divide the two environments.

We can use many geometric patterns and decide the distribution of the partition and the closure of the “light” which may be total, partial or almost imperceptible.

Sharing common kitchen and living room with peninsulas

Another popular method for separating the kitchen and living environments is the use of peninsulas. The choice of shapes and sizes is very wide and each manufacturer shows off their style exalting the design of environments.

In short ideas to divide the kitchen area from the living room are many, just choose the solution that suits you, according to your taste and to your needs and the problem will soon be solved.

Make a fitted wall double face or central fireplace

One item that comes in handy for those who must furnish small houses as homes for singles and having a few square meters available does not want to create two restricted environments of exclusive use for the kitchen and the living room.


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