10 Awesome Small Kitchen Appliances

Having dealt with the “basic equipment” kitchen, we, without even noticing, we start to grow kitchen appliances. Angry, transported to the country and buy again. And we give it. And choose the best is not imaginary “objects” that have allegedly not yet. Pressure cookers, rice cookers, toaster, coffee grinder, Dehydrators, Yes to be honest, do such.

A healthy diet

Often an impulse buy another kitchen “Monster” originates from the desire to change something in yourself, for example, when we sit down on a diet. Instantly appear gigantic steamer, electric Grill, juicer etc. And how long will your diet-week two? Then useful technique moves first in the bedside table, and then on the mezzanine, and then will take pride of place on Internet flea market? Hold your horses.

Take, for example, the steamer. A very useful thing. Will you use and how often? Define help ordinary silicon or metal inserts in the Pan, which miraculously are steamed fish dishes. A few months later, you can easily determine whether you want to buy-fixed appliance.


And here’s a juicer at home have a need with 3 in 1 (for berries, hard fruits and vegetables and citrus fruits). Only do not pursue power and sizes-many of them are needed for “industrial” quantities. And will you prepare juice for the winter, is still unknown. With regard to the massive manual citrus presses-whatever they stylish, leave them for a large kitchen, which practically do not prepare.

Perhaps stop another desktop. Of course, you have this function in an oven or microwave. But this miracle of technology quickly and without hassle will feed unexpected guests, as well as accelerate the process perfectly, for example, baking pancakes.

Home chef

For those who prefer only home-cooked food and loves to experiment in the kitchen just needed “kitchen machine“. In the first place spotless quality powerful kitchen machine. Never mind that it takes a lot of space. At the very least, much less the microwave. But you get: mixer, blender, shredder, slicer, grater, grinder, and sometimes even a juicer. Savings will immediately feel as when you can always buy much cheaper than the additional nozzle. For example, pasta machine , grinder or tomato press.

Although the processor, you also need a manual immersion blender. Believe me, it takes a minimum of space, but it is always at hand and you will be using it on a daily basis. All the other stuff, like electric kitchen appliances, egg, rice cookers, deep fryers, electric cooker, waffle irons, and similar appliances, give to friends.

Another dilemma, even two-whether breadmaker and Multicooker? They are not cheap, friends extol and take up a lot of space. Who uses them? Bread Maker is good for large families whose members prefer homemade cuisine. Also for those who prepares jams for the winter, because it is practically in all models. If you want to buy a bread maker, count how many times per month do you bake anything. Don’t expect a miracle machine will teach the desire of healthily or will give you married, then it is unlikely.

But Multicooker is a machine useful. Firstly, it will save you from the microwave as perfectly warms up any dish without using fat. Second, it maintains the temperature and prepares without your participation. Very convenient, if the house is a small child, time-consuming. In the third place, ideal for singles who prefer to eat at home. But there is a caveat – you do not get pleasure from cooking. Forget how wonderful aroma of chili and rosemary in boiling olive oil or caramelizing orange syrup. So lovers of the culinary process to better prepare the old fashioned way.

Your breakfast

Passion for electric kettle, toaster, coffee maker and other appliances for breakfast with us since the 90s. Then it seemed the peak of prosperity and technological progress. For many, this habit has sunk into oblivion, but there are fans of the traditional breakfast. For such is the “multitool” in the form of a coffee maker, a toaster or roster, as well as electric kitchen appliances. Just keep in mind that every morning in your menu will be American, sandwiches and scrambled eggs.

For others who have enough space on the countertops, coffee machine and a kettle.

It is important!

Even the most useful small appliances requires additional space. Indeed, some say, as soon as the device is hidden in a locker, they cease to use it. But even at maximum 3 meter big kitchen countertops, where, in addition to technology, we need to place another and kitchen accessories. Remember this and not waste money on unnecessary things. The excitement of better use in cooking.



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