10 Best Accent Wall Interior Design 2016

It is difficult to imagine modern interior without bright spots and accents. One of the most popular techniques used by designers today, is creating accent wall interior. The word itself says about the essence of this method is to allocate the whole or part of the walls through color, texture or plot. Thanks to this not difficult move can solve multiple tasks is to attract attention to the desired part of the room, to further develop the space is narrow or extend, refresh the accent wall interior without extra costs and overhaul.

There are several rules of creating accent wall interior. Firstly, does not necessarily allocate all the wall if it is a broad, we can restrict one stripe or ledge. Secondly, most often bright accent create where faces first glance the logged-on user. Thirdly, emit only one wall, not more. For example, in the living room accent wall interior most often turns out to be a wall, on which hangs a tv. With regard to materials, here the choice is simply huge-wallpaper for painting, stone, textured plaster, wooden panels, tiles, paint, brick, glass and metal can be the bright spot, which will transform the entire interior of the room. Accentual wall and the wallpaper or paint is the easiest option. A little harder to cope in working with natural materials, glass and metal.

Simple Design Natural Best Color For Bedroom Accent Wall Good Bedroom Images Bedroom Accent Wall Accent Colors For Gray Intended For Accent Wall Interior  10 Best Accent Wall Interior Design 2016

Focus on color

The most common variant, which immediately creates a bright Interior. When choosing a color, do not forget about its impact on layout-cool shades will help expand the space, warm, vice versa is narrow. If you choose a color close to the principal in a room, you get calm and balanced Interior. A contrasting shade creates a bright Flash. Creating an accent color in interior design, remember that you can also combine a piecemeal on shades. Unusual reception-select wall behind a glass Cabinet. Thus, all the attention will be focused on not even to the wall, and the subjects exhibited on the shelves.

Selecting invoices

Not only the color but also the texture of the material can serve as accent. Accentual wall in the bedroom (most often at the headboard), can be made of wood, stone or brick, covered with textured plaster or wallpaper with raised design. Natural material will help to create a cosy, warm atmosphere and once again draw attention to the most important piece of furniture and semantic Center of the room is the bed. If for any reason to devote this part of the room, you can shift the focus to a window or table with mirror.

Story lines

The most treacherous reception. Choosing wallpaper, wallpaper with unobtrusive graphical image or creating a plot by hand, do not forget the sense of proportion. It is better to confine itself to a few thin lines, followed by a thinly veiled silhouettes than turn their room into a semblance of a large canvas for an artist. For reinsurance, the story of the wall can be placed in rooms, which lack life-hallway or bathroom. Although this accentual wall in the kitchen near the dinner table may also be appropriate.

Accentual wall in the Interior is not only one of the most common modern techniques create bright and juicy design. But a wide field for the manifestations of his creative abilities. Combining colors and drawings, graphic prints and natural materials, you can change the appearance of the room every season. Modern materials are so diverse, that allow you to implement even the most unusual ideas. So recently gaining popularity accentual wall of living plants and MOSS. More recently, such an idea would be a cause for ridicule, but today it can be implemented not only at the Office of a large company, but also in his hallway. Important thing to remember is that to establish an accent wall interior stands taken with all seriousness. It’s the first thing people will see, came to visit. So everything should be harmonious and reasonably.



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