10 Best Glass and Metal Tables 2016

Here are some examples of the best glass and metal tables, interior design in strong growth element.

The glass and metal tables are a big trend of the moment. These are elements of different sizes, offering a base made of solid metal and a top made of glass, usually it tempered invoice.

Many designer brands are offering these items, so we made a choice of three glass and metal tables that seem most pleasant and rich in structural characteristics.

The first proposal for glass and metal tables that struck us is Ozzio design idea. It is a convertible table with gas mechanism, lacquered metal, complemented by a wooden table on which rests a top made of tempered glass from the snow-white color.

Coffee Table Interesting Modern Coffee And End Tables Detail Inside Modern Metal And Glass End Tables 10 Best Glass And Metal Tables 2016

The entire element provides an ethereal style and very metal, obtained thanks to the large proportion of the base, so essential and icy overall aesthetics. This is an item from minimal traits, therefore suitable to homes furnished with modern taste and essential.

The second proposal of glass and metal tables looking to the future, as it is called Cosmic and is proposed by Calligaris Furniture. It is a table with large measures, it realized with a central base to very solid column and a glass top with rounded corners.

In this case the ‘glass does his duty’ flawlessly, as it offers the right degree of transparency that allows to admire the internal support mechanisms, giving the whole a technical and futuristic style that is well suited to homes furnished essential and contemporary style.

The ultimate solution of glass and metal tables comes from Kubikoff brand and is called Diamond. Precious stone this table inherits the facets of the game that comes from the contrast between the slender legs of the base and the ethereal transparency of the top made of glass.

In this case the synergy between the two materials gives life to a slender and elegant item, perfect for the living room furnished with simple taste, but also for kitchens that are designed to offer an aesthetic with a futuristic character.

On balance, the glass and metal tables have a decidedly modern style, where the union between the metal strength and lightness of glass gives life to elements refined aesthetics, absolutely inserted in the present and into the future. The synergy between the materials is often linked to a pure, minimal design, where the association between the two traits that make these pieces of furniture ideal for contemporary homes, especially if the furniture to marry fates color choices and monochrome as the total white.



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