8 Beautiful Ways To Use Glass In Kitchen Cabinets

8 Beautiful Ways To Use Glass In Kitchen Cabinets – Fill the kitchen light through transparent or glossy facing panels of cabinets. They either return space sunlight or show that you have nothing to hide.

Kitchen cabinets with glass fronts, often used at the top of the kitchen units. This is quite practical and stylish. Thanks to its built-in illuminated such cabinets can serve as a source of light in the room and can also be used to showcase the beautiful dishware, various functional kitchen utensils or simply divide the space of the room.

1. Closet-islet with glass facades. Some interiors of the Cabinet divides the space between the work area and another part of the kitchen, such as the dining room. Thus, the closet is accessible from three sides.

kitchen cabinets with glass doors

Though, closet Island practical in terms of additional places for storage, many believe that he can completely close the kitchen. The glass facade of the same cabinet allows you to create a bright and spacious room.

2. Frameless glazing kitchen cabinet

Traditional beginning glazed kitchen cabinets consists of a wooden frame and glass facades. This one-piece glass panel. Closets modern design handles are completely absent, and decorative hinges give them an elegant look.

3. Cabinets with panoramic Windows

What if in your kitchen more Windows than walls? Try placing the cabinets directly on Windows. Cabinets with panoramic Windows are manufactured without rear panel to sunlight could fill the entire kitchen.

4. Sliding glass

Once popular in the 70-s sliding glass returned to modern kitchen Interior. Their sliding mechanism allows two sheets of glass move easily. In sliding glass or cut the handle, or simply leave a hole for an opening.

5. Decorative glass

Glass facades, framed or not, can be of different models and finishes. Popular decorative glass-tempered glass, textured surface which create small air bubbles. You can order both ready-made facades with tempered glass and purchase glass separately. This will give you the opportunity to choose the supplier of the glass yourself. Frosted glass, stained and colored glass is only a few kinds of glass that can be used for facades of kitchen cabinets.

6. The lower glass-fronted cabinets

Many kitchens use only glass upper cabinets, but it looks amazing and in the lower. Glass doors create a special visual effect and coloring kitchen overlooking the other rooms. Sitting at the bar, one should always remember about glass. It is easy to hurt my foot. And if you have in the House is a kitchen with children naughty bottom glass cabinets are not the best option.

7. Cabinets with high facades

High cabinets used to store large along the length of the items needed in the kitchen. Brooms, mops, cleaning supplies and certain food items. With glass facades such high cabinets can become part of the decoration in the Interior, suitable for exposition of beautiful plates or any other interior accessories.

8. Cabinets with colored glass fronts

In these cabinets no frames and glass painted on the reverse side, the result is a beautiful glossy finish. This method of painting called the holder of processing. Heavy epoxy coatings are applied to the back side of the glass, and in order to achieve perfect coating procedure is carried out in special facilities. While respecting the right technology, coating should be visible from the other side of the glass.


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