Awesome 13 Decorate In Style Of Provence

Decorate In Style Of Provence – How quickly and inexpensively turn your home into a corner languid south of France? Just to get the necessary Provence decoration, which immediately will make the house blazing southern sun, the smell of salt spray, fragrance of lavender fields and ripened of grapes.

Provence style flowers

They are always a lot of – living, dried flowers, painted, in the photographs, furniture, in the form of embroidery and ornament on textiles and wallpaper in the form of decoupage to box. Special honors uses lavender, rose and alfalfa. They are currently markers – if the house is a lot of different kinds of flowers in front of you means Provence interior.

provence porcelain knickknacks

Provence style clay dishes

The most popular dishes – covered with pastel frosting pink, beige, blue and turquoise shades. It can be put on open shelves can be placed in the jars and place flowers around the house.

Forged items Provence

They are easy and weightless, as well as the style – chandeliers, legs and backs of chairs, door handles, candlesticks and head of the bed. Forging should be fine and delicate as a pen drawing.

Provence style Knick-knacks

To this species belongs the decor, not performing any function other than decorative – various clay figurines, textile cushions, pots, just cute little things. They fill the space on the shelves, cabinets and drawers.Nothing complicated, but even these little things will help you to create or to complete your style of Provence.


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