Baby Changing Table Or Dresser: Solve The Dilemma Of Interior Children’s Room

Purchase any products for babies is always a lot of questions from prospective parents. It is not easy to create a room for the baby comfortable, convenient, safe and beautiful environment in which parents and will be pleasant, and the child will be interesting. Given that the safety, health and environmental products will inevitably involve additional expenditure, another concern of parents to accurately budget allocation. In this publication we will try to deal with the difficult issue of the choice of baby changing table or possible alternatives.

Why do we need a changing table?

Before the birth of the child’s future parents have to solve a lot of questions, a lot of shopping and exercise arrangements. In general whirl of endless acquisitions involuntarily slips thought of possible savings. But the question of whether the family needs, which will soon be baby changing table, the answer can be only one – certainly needed. Only at first glance it might seem that on the table for changing dresser or you will only disguise the baby, and it’s a couple of minutes. And the process will last at least a year. Some use the changing table or board ends before reaching the age of six-month baby. But even such a term – a few months of constant use. On the changing table, you’ll not only disguise the baby, but also to do gymnastics and massage, clean the nose, ears and trimmed nails, handle the delicate skin of the baby and carry out many other procedures, and even games.


If we imagine that all of these actions will need to do several times a day at a comfortable growth mother changing table plane or board-carrying, and on the bed or couch (depending on the layout of the children’s room or the lack of a separate room for the baby), it becomes it is clear that such a load will not stand no spin. Thus, changing the surface is needed in the future can convince moms and dads any experienced parent. Consider a variation of creating a comfortable, safe and ergonomically designed seats for changing (and only) child.

Options for Changing Mats
Changing table

Modern shops selling children’s furniture and accessories to offer us a wide range of product, designed for customers with different preferences and wallet size. When choosing a changing table is necessary to pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. the presence of skirting – an important design criterion influencing the level of security products (until the child begins to actively roll, bumpers can keep it on the changing surface, even if the mother is distracted or reduce the level of alertness);
  2. if the model is equipped with wheels, ie the changing table is portable, they must have reliable locks;
  3. the child’s position in the table will depend on its shape and size, the most convenient option – the location of the baby’s legs forward to my mother (in this position the baby comfortably change clothes, do gymnastics and other manipulations). If the baby is lying sideways (along the table), then change his diaper and clothing is not as convenient, but easy to clean ears, nose;
  4. from the viewpoint of environmental products plays an important role performance material. Ideally, changing table should be made of wood, which is not harmful to humans and the environment, is able to “breathe”, and looks great in any environment;
  5. coated table should be a special mattress or pad with swaddling of the surface of the material, which is non-slip, it repels moisture and is easy to clean;
  6. greatly simplifies the process of using the stage presence of pockets, shelves and other storage systems to keep on hand all the necessary hygiene items and baby care.

There are models of changing tables for use in the bathroom. When choosing such products must pay attention to the water-repellent properties of the frame material. Most of these models have a built-in tray. The advantage of this symbiosis is that parents do not have to bend over for bathing the baby, and you can immediately shift the baby out of the font on the changing surface – wipe and wear. Lack of models built with a small tray useful life. Usually, after 3-4 months, babies are no longer placed in a small font, and bathe in them sitting still impossible position.

No less attention is paid to the size of the table. Height swaddling surface is often regulated in many modern models. If such a function is not present, it is necessary to proceed from their own growth, to come to the table and imagine that you carry out manipulations on the baby care. Treat the choice of this option seriously, because you will need to spend a lot of time over the surface of the comfort station and it is better not to create a burden on the lumbar spine.

Table for swaddling is rarely used more than a year. The most common application of this handy device ends much earlier, especially if the baby is large or very active. Children grow up very quickly, so it is best to purchase a table that called for growth. The first time a conditional lock baby mattress can be used with the rigid base.

When choosing a changing table will also need to learn about what the maximum weight of the child it can withstand. Of course, it is impossible to know in advance how active your baby will develop and how quickly gain weight, but it is better to have at least a small margin on the maximum permissible weight of the infant for use of the product.

The main disadvantage of changing tables is a small period of operation. In contrast to the chest, which can be used as long as you want (as long as the product itself does not exhaust the resource), a table for swaddling few who serve more than a year. He takes some room space, which in the conditions of small-sized apartments very much.

Board swaddling

In fact, whether the subject device for changing furniture and is a board, which is constricted or easily cleaned with a cloth and has a soft bumpers or may serve as a basis for setting the mattress, and is equipped with a wooden (latex) beads. Boards are available in different versions and sizes. Most have a length equal to the width of cots (standard term in this case is quite blurry, domestic and foreign manufacturers are often diverge in the settings and choose the board “under the bed” is necessary in each case). For small houses, in which all functional segments are located in the same room, this option is useful to save space is very topical.

The undoubted advantage of boards for swaddling is a low cost (compared with tables and chests of drawers). Given that this piece of furniture is purchased for a few months, its relatively low price, he will have time to absorb.

But the cons have alternatives like changing table there. If the board is positioned between the flanges cot, you will need to frequently move her to put the baby to sleep, and then return back to change clothes or perform other manipulations. But, once again, in a small area home, such an option will re-shuffle a small obstacle.

Chest mattress or Langering boards

One of the most expensive, but durable options for swaddling surface for the baby is to purchase the chest with boards or flip part for changing, as well as the conventional storage system, which is installed a changing mat or board. The advantage of this approach is that you can use your existing locker and buy a mattress with a hard base, which is much cheaper than a full table for swaddling.

Obviously, such a storage system as a locker, will be used for years. First you place in the depths of the drawers all the necessary items for the baby care, over time, they are replaced with clothes, toys, books and other necessary for the growth and development of the child objects.

Among the disadvantages of such a method for providing a child’s room changing mats can be identified only relatively expensive piece of furniture and the need to purchase the mattress or board for swaddling with borders. But on sale, there are many models that are already equipped with bumpers and have a hinged surface for swaddling. Subsequently, when the need to use tools for changing disappear, flip the board can be removed from its hinges, or simply leave it folded, as bumpers used exclusively as a limitation surface for storage of toys, for example.

Given the long-term use of the chest, you need to buy it on the basis of a general premise, the selected style design and color palette. In this case, you can go two ways – the first involves the harmonious implementation of the chest to the overall image of the room, the use of neutral colors and overall style for the entire execution of furniture. The second way is expressed in the creation of an accent – color, texture and stylistic. The easiest way to choose a bright color performance of chest, which will be located on a neutral background walls and similar decisions for the rest of the furniture children’s room.

There is a changing model of the chest, which is part of a cot. On the one hand such an ensemble is very convenient – easy to pull the baby out of the crib and just a few inches from the bed to put on the surface of the diaper changing. But on the other – the whole structure rather cumbersome, not every children’s room is capable without sacrificing the rational allocation of storage space to accommodate the entire set. Within a few months will be no need for changing the use of the surface, and in a couple of years the child will not be placed in the crib, and the entire structure will need to be replaced to a large size bed and storage. But every parent their own ideas about comfort the child and his comfort, so these models are quite popular.

A cross between a chest of drawers and  escritoire is a shallow shelf with folding changing mat surface. Once assembled, it looks like an ordinary storage system that takes up little space due to shallow water and can accommodate a large number of different things, and accessories on the shelves above and below the surface for swaddling. If you choose this model an important factor will be the maximum permissible weight for a folding board, since it has no supports on the floor or other surface.


Where to install swaddling surface?

The unequivocal answer to this question does not exist – too many factors influence the choice of location for setting the table or chest of drawers for changing (with swaddling board is clear – it will be most of the time located between the skirting cots or constantly to lie on the surface of the chest). If the setting changing table or dresser carried out in the room for the newborn, it is simple to choose the appropriate zone. Experts recommend positioning surface for changing the window, because you will need to have the opportunity to consider in detail the child to clean his ears, nose, and cut the corners and under good natural lighting to make it easier.

But Russian apartments (and the majority of private homes) under the windows often placed radiators, which means that more than half a year in this area will be increased temperatures and dry air. So, should be guided by the rules of ergonomics for the installation of desks – set swaddling surface at the wall perpendicular to the window on the right side if you are right handed (to the sunlight falling on the table for changing the left).

In addition to the location close to the window as the sun light source, it is clear that the changing table or any alternative should be close to the cot. But in this case, much depends on the room size, layout, location and number of window and door openings.


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