Bathroom Decorating Ideas With Blue Color

Blue is identical with water. This color can be so awesome to be put in a bathroom. The color can create the peaceful feeling and it also creates clean look to your room. So, for you who need bathroom decorating ideas to decorate your bathroom, you can consider blue color as your theme for the room. Here are two bathroom ideas which use blue as the dominant color.

Wonderful Design Nautical Bathroom Ideas Featuring Blue Wall Paint For Bathroom Decorating Ideas Blue Color Bathroom Decorating Ideas With Blue Color

Multi hues of blue in your bathroom

The first idea of bathroom decorating ideas uses multi hues of blue to beautify your bathroom. For this kind of bathroom, actually the basic color is plain blue. So, the first step to do when decorating your bathroom is painting the walls plain blue. Then where should you put the multi hues? Well, you can put this in the floor tiles. Pick blue tiles with interesting motifs for the floor. To make the bathroom more stunning, you can make a room without door for your bath tub. And in this open room, you can put flower blue plaster. Although you use blue as the main theme, but you don’t need to make all things become blue. If you mean to put a chair in your bathroom, you can choose one with neutral motifs such as black and white stripes to balance the room.

Blue and white bathroom

The second idea of bathroom decorating ideas using blue color is the one which use blue and white. This kind of bathroom only consists of blue and white color. Applying this idea, your bath room will look like a room in the movies with romantic, clean, and glow atmosphere. To get his dream room, you can paint all windows’ frames and door white. Then, paint the walls blue. Since you have used plain white and blue, now you should add some motifs to this room. You can install tiles flooring with motifs in white and blue. The combination of white and blue in the motifs in your floor will balance the plain color of blue and white.




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