Best 10 Kitchen Pantry Ideas for Every Home

Every home has one, but probabilities are good that the one in your house is an unorganized chaos. Don’t worry! With the standard kitchen pantry, regardless if the space is small or it’s a walk in space or it may be something more similar to a bigger cabinet. It is generally not the only well designed space in the kitchen. It’s the shelves that are really the only standard kitchen store room, but it may be bad or dingy the standard design and size doesn’t really meant an external cluttered pantry.

Just like any other area in the house, your kitchen deserves some kind of tender loving care especially in terms of organizing a cluttered control room. Regardless if you have a bigger space or not, using your creativeness can help in making your kitchen pantry the best spot in the house. There are lots of ideas that you can use when it comes to building kitchen pantry in the house.

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Get wired

You can use an old fashioned wire shelves that can be bought in various hardware shops today. It’s so simple to install and it is also very functional. Wired shelves are very durable and it can be the best option when it comes to kitchen pantry. You can use over the door wire shelves for more storage space, but for a less permanent option, you can look into the wheeled wire shelves and then place then side by side if there are more spaces.

What’s in the pantry?

Pantry is a place where you keep some of the kitchen staples in the kitchen. You should always make sure that the spices and the seasonings like sugar, baking soda, spices, baking powder and others are properly stored there but that include vegetables like potatoes and onions that must be kept in a cool and dry place as well.

If you have a bigger pantry, you may also consider using it a storage space where you can place some items instead of placing the items on the kitchen counter. You can also place there mixers, blenders, oven toasters and others to keep your kitchen specially the countertop clutter free.


There are lots of ways to decorate the pantry and to also make it user friendly. You can use a wire rack, rolling shelf, pot and pan organizer and other dividers to keep the pantry well organized. If you have adjustable accessories, it is so important for every kitchen and it will surely change the way you deal with clutters and it will keep you save from buying a new one.

Pantry lighting is also very important and more often than not they prefer single overhead light in a closet type pantry that is not enough to be able to see ½ all the way back. There are various types of lighting meant for a kitchen pantry. You don’t have to worry because there are varieties of kitchen pantry lighting that are suited for your specific needs.




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