Bunk Beds IKEA: Tips and Hints, by Ikea Design

The bunk beds are so called because they create a real castle, which are positioned one above the other, stacked in a tubular structure that can be made of different materials.

The main purpose of the bunk beds is to safeguard the space in the house, because the same volume offer two locations.

  1. Usually this solution is used in children’s rooms, especially if they are small, in the rooms that need to accommodate more people and also in the B & B, in mountain huts and tourist facilities.
  2. The bunk beds can be single but also reach the square and a half and in some cases must be structured and offer more space, until you reach the double dimension.
  3. The more structured bedrooms can be associated to the beds of integrated systems, such as the presence of cabinets, storage containers, desks and all information useful to better organize the bedroom.

In any case, these are elements of fun decor, which animate the children and the children, but that are rarely used as a ‘public’ adult.


There are many forms and the materials that make up the bunk beds, from metal to plastic, to the good of wooden solutions and even cardboard.

  1. The bunk beds are asking to be completed with the right wooden slats and a suitable network structure, especially if you are dedicated to the growth of children. In the market we can find some very nice models and inspired by the design, structured with moving boundary and equipped with ladders secure systems.
  2. The bunk beds have to in fact be equipped with ladders to climb to the ‘upstairs’ and the bed at the top is equipped with bulkheads that make sure the rest, preventing the sleeper of falling asleep. To investigate the issue of security of this type of bed, I refer you to the deepening: Safety bunk beds

These are the main characteristics of this type of beds, so we see some interesting example to inspire us in the purchase and orient in a row of sleeping areas.

Bunk beds design: ideas for decor

Kali Duo Board of Clei is an example of a bunk bed retractable, perfect for studios and cameras from the content space.

The system includes patented slats and incorporates a desk with tilting. The room can then turn into a few gestures in a study area or dedicated to games.

Bunky Magis reinterprets the concept of bunk beds and offers them inspired design. It is a playful bunk bed, made of molded rotational-molded polyethylene.

The result is a bunk bed that can be stacked or detached according to needs, fun, and available in two colors vitamin.

George Milano Bedding frame bunk beds, starting from the couch, creating a system that offers the ideal spot during the arrival of guests or to create a bed in more if necessary.

The bunk bed is in fact contained in a prestigious sofa, minimal in appearance and comfortable in shape. Few gestures are enough to open the system and give life to one of the beds to more ‘space-saving bunk’ commercially available.

And here’s one of the beds to more structured view of the castle.

It is Majestic Gautier France, a completely made of sturdy wooden bunk bed with staves. The property is abundant, rich and complete co-away a small desk placed next to the lower bed.

All this recalls the marine style, so the Majestic solution bunk beds can find a happy entry into the house by the sea or in the dedicated hospitality facilities.

And finally, here is a solution bunk beds that can definitely please adults and young people, because strong a style of modern furniture and a very stylish property. This is the bunk bed Fusion Math The Bols, a structure made of birch multiplex and aluminum from the futuristic form. This bed is available in an attractive range of colors, from purple eggplant to gray.

Bunk beds for kids

We have devoted a special study to the bunk bed solutions for the children’s room with many models and suggested solutions, almost all be purchased directly online.


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