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Regardless of the style of cuisine, whether it be industrial, modern or traditional, cabinets, cupboards bring stability and harmony in any space, creating a classic kitchen style.

Characteristics. This unit as desired, may look quite simple because of its rectangular shape. Thanks to the frame and the front panel, such cases are also known as carcass furniture. Since 1800, the peak of popularity, canisters cabinets, design of the kitchen furniture has undergone many changes. Dimensions of kitchen furniture modules can be divided into one or more sections by the average of the vertical, horizontal or intermediate timber.


Select super quality wood, such as maple, birch or walnut. In the manufacture of cabinets, canisters should focus on functionality and high quality wood speak for itself. Walnut Wood looks perfectly in the kitchen, also very modern.

Style. Repetition was the hallmark of the cabinets, canisters. Fitted wardrobes and drawers create an ordered view of the kitchen. Today, in many kitchens have a number of large boxes that goes well with this type of cabinets. As the foam forms the cabinet is very gruff, slightly bevelled edges to impart softness of design is becoming increasingly popular. Such small but useful details give a new image of any kitchen.

Types of finishing cabinets, canisters

Painted facades. This type of finish gives a more contemporary style of sharp, straight and cut off the corners, which are so characteristic of this style of kitchen cabinets. Depending on the wood, micro-cracks can appear at the joints, as the tree has the particularity to expand and contract over time, but it will not affect the strength of the cabinet doors.

Polished facades. After painting, polish gives facades appearance of antiquity. Each cabinet artificially “wear”, polished and coated with stain. This is a complex procedure and is quite long.

Termo facades. Thermo, also known as vinyl coating, gives strength cupboards. Thermo film lamination is applied to MDF medium density. It is applied using heat and pressure bonding occurs. When choosing termo facade need to be aware of the design features of the foam enclosure. Thermo film rests on painted or covered with stained facades. The laminating machine can not reach the corners, vertical, horizontal or intermediate beams.

Polyurethane coating. Polyurethane foam for cabinet is ideal for creating a simplified, industrial style of your kitchen. Matt polyurethane coating furniture from white oak enhances the structure of this type of wood. Time has no power over such a design of your kitchen!

The cost

The cost – an important factor in the planned renovation of the kitchen, especially if you plan to use the built-in kitchen units. If you like the facades covered with stain, why not join the veneer with painted facades? Book MDF doors and trim that you can paint yourself.

Built-in-cupboards, as a rule, they are in the middle price range, in case if there is no complete set of additional profiles and additional works on manufacturing. Price is also dependent on the material chosen. MDF covered thermo film, the cheapest option, while, as the most expensive option, solid wood with painted facades.


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