How To Choose A Good Garage For Car

Choose A Good Garage For Car – The car is a tool that greatly simplifies the life of a person. But already in the first days after his purchase of the car owner is faced with a serious problem: where to store your purchase.

Someone prefers a protected parking lot, others leave free cars parking outside his home. There are those who prefer to rent garages. All these examples have their significant disadvantages.

Free parking means that at night the car is left unattended. A constantly have to pay for the remaining seats.

One of the best options for car storage will be buying your own garage. In this case, however, raises a different problem — how to properly select it.

Why own garage

As already noted, open car park does not give a guarantee that the car will appear different scratches, its not stolen or do with it something else. Even paid parking sin such cases. In addition, the car is constantly on the open space, which means it falls under environmental impact Wednesday, leading to the formation of rust on the bodywork and the need for unexpected repairs.

Decorating Build Your Own Garage Ceiling Storage Cheap Garage With Choose Luxury Garage How To Choose A Good Garage For Car

Own garage deprived of these deficiencies. Naturally, he does not give 100% guarantee that the car was not stolen, but to do so would be attackers much heavier than, for example, free parking.

The main parameters of garage

Before purchasing a garage, it is necessary to pay attention to a few factors that will figure out whether to make the purchase.


First in line is the selection of suitable buildings. In other words, decide what type of garage fits. They include the following:

  1. Built-in. As the name implies, these garages are attached to the House or directly in it, speaking as one of the premises. To date, even in apartment homes provides built-in garages that, in General, convenient for local residents. The convenience of such buildings is due to the fact that the car can be reached without going out on the street. This is especially nice when freezing temperatures outside. On the other hand, in the House (more so in private) can appear extraneous sounds and odors caused by work of a car engine. This means that choosing a similar garage, attention should be drawn to the work of the ventilation system. In addition, the built-in garages are typically located in the basement of the building. Accordingly, they should be securely insulated and entry is made so that in winter the ice crust was formed, and in summer water inside.
  2. Offline. These garages are located separately from any residential buildings. You may come across several such buildings, visually or virtually United under one roof.

The main advantages of freestanding garages-the absence of the above deficiencies.

The next important moment where you want to look for when choosing your own garage, is the material used for its construction.

  1. Brick. This is probably the best option. Brick garages are highly reliable. However, their cost will be big enough, because not only the material cost is quite expensive, but they themselves work on require pouring concrete and other events. In addition, in this room, bring the heating, because the cold season there are considerable heat loss. It is also recommended that lay along the walls of an extra layer of insulation.
  2. Slag concrete. In General, the characteristics of this type of garage similar to those constructed from brick.
  3. Metal. The main advantage of metal garages is the ease and speed of their erection. On the other hand, it cannot be long in cold and warm seasons because it does not protect against street temperature.

Another important factor influencing selection of garage, is its location. He defines in many respects and the cost of construction. Most often, the price depends on how far from home: the parking garage is the closer, it becomes more expensive.

There are other prerequisites for selecting buildings:

  1. Quality of road surface laid at the entrance. This becomes more important when it comes to the rainy and winter seasons;
  2. illumination of the territory adjacent to the garage;
  3. the humidity in the room;
  4. quality roofing. It is necessary to pay attention, not the roof leaks. This can be done by drawing attention to the wall: are there specific stains on them or not;
  5. the strength of the gate.

All these characteristics influence not only on the quality of the garage, but, naturally, on its final cost.

Additional terms and conditions

An important condition for buying garage is the presence or absence of pit. Of course, to solve problems in your car, you can visit the nearest garage, but do it yourself means save sometimes a significant amount of money. An observation pit must be dry. Part sellers to hide the possible appearance of moisture, add the ground before inspection by the buyer. Therefore, it is recommended that you pay attention to depth. Message that appears in the pit water drips serve on its walls. In addition, this device should be arranged natural ventilation that allows moisture to evaporate faster.

The best option will be the garage, which has a pit lined with tiles or other similar material. No need to purchase the building, whose floor is covered with wooden decking. This material is a natural “sponge”, absorbing moisture. Eventually this leads to mold growth, and thus increases the risk of disease in the motorist. And don’t forget about the level of light in the garage. Well, when at least one of its walls window provided.


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