Color Interior Design Trends 2016

Color Interior Design – It is scientifically proven that the color is able to control the state of health, appetite, mood and even change a person’s character. Imagine, some colors can even slow down or speed up your heart. This is not fiction scientists. Therefore, when choosing colors for your interior, it can not only be based on personal preferences or the desire to meet international fashion trends. And not to make a mistake, you just have to remember a few immutable rules.

Living room

Typically, a living room is a place of gathering of all family members. Its color should be square, but do not cause drowsiness. Uplifting, but not annoying. Shades of yellow will give the feeling of a sunny day, the blue will calm and cool, green will bring peace. Red and orange are too expressive, so choose only diluted shades. Dark gray and brown colors will bring a touch of boredom. living room color should be pleasing to everyone without exception.


Perfect cleanliness and appetite – these are the two main components of an ideal color for the kitchen. Most relevant, of course, “edible” color. Especially since they are now the height of fashion. It can be as saffron, pistachio, lettuce and mint, plum, pomegranate, peach, lemon and beetroot. For those who are constantly watching their figures, important information: red and orange stimulate the appetite and, unfortunately, become one of the causes of overeating. Cool blue and green colors, on the contrary, are able to subdue the desire once again to go to the fridge. For those who like neutral colors in the interior will be the ideal choice beige, light blue and soft green hues.


One day, tired of the troubles and anxieties, we are waiting for from the bedroom only peace and tranquility. Therefore, the main color is still to be gentle. If you prefer dark or bright saturated colors, it is better to stay on the cold tones. Separate conversation requires the headboard and the wall that is behind the head. Here you can “create” his every mood, because when it comes time to fill up, the riot of colors does not prevent you from relaxing.


The very purpose of the office as the work area requires inspiring colors. Our brain is most active in the yellow and orange areas. Green office helps to relieve stress and dulls sensitivity to noise. But saturated blue, purple and brown relax and be distracted. If you love the feeling of freedom and a lot of space, you should stay calm at the so-called inter crown shades.


When deciding what color to prevail in your child’s room, beware of too saturated colors. Choose gentle options. Note: Orange is able to maintain a good mood, green and blue calm, but do not interfere with learning. Here, for example, yellow stimulates mental ability, Blue keeps in tone. The predominance of violet suppresses, but fine pink hues help the child relax. Undesirable large areas of brown, white, black and gray, they inhibit wound and sorrow. Taboo: a bright red room is unacceptable for a child’s psyche.


In addressing the issue of improvement hallway, we think through in detail the number of shelves and cabinets. But we often forget that this room is our business card. Color sets the mood characterizes the owners of the house. Think about what color you can imagine with the winning side.


Perhaps this is the only room in the house where you can realize any imagination in terms of colors and decor. There are only a few important nuances that need to be considered. For example, bright colors quickly bored, yellow can cause dizziness, peach and silver will help to quickly wake up, natural colors create a sense of warmth and comfort.


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