How To Decorate Garden With Stones

Decorate garden with stones is a practice that is coming more and more ‘fashion’ as the material is environmentally friendly and compatible, and can easily be found in the market. Those lucky enough to live in areas rich in nature, can procure the stones themselves, or choose to combine them in different ways, while those who live in cities can count on the good proposals that encountered in resales of building materials. Let’s find out our handy guide on how to decorate garden with stones.


How to decorate the garden with stones: practical uses

If it comes to large blocks, the stones can become the ideal base to accommodate the pots of flowers, or to grow in their area climbing plants. Let us remember that the stones loving plants and vice versa, so we are introducing a positive biodiversity in our parks. Some stones have the good fortune to appear flat and leveled, so it can be used as a base for vessels from special forms and also for outdoor decorations such as statues and lanterns.

Choose well the garden furniture: our advice

Staying on the subject of lighting, some Japanese Zen lanterns are constructed using only the stones. Who has a good manual can then try to make a simple pagoda structure, providing a blank section on which to place the candles. The result is very pleasant and the Japanese lanterns made of stone become even more wonderful if you place near the ponds or fountains.

How to decorate the garden with stones: for decorating walls

The rocks can obviously be used to decorate the walls, choosing to implement a simple work of masonry. To refresh an anonymous wall, you can get the resistant mortar and use the stones to decorate facade. Those who love the minimal solutions may rely to the use of smooth white pebbles, while those who prefer the rustic style can indulge themselves with stones and various shapes and a thousand colors.

The stones can also be used to decorate the particular portions of land and, especially, to define the flower beds so simple as romantic. Again, those who love the precise solutions can rely on regular stones, perhaps chosen a single hue, while those who prefer the country aesthetic can create circles or squares using colorful and irregular stones.

These solutions on how to decorate the garden with stones acquire value over time, as the stones become an integral part of the garden, they define the geometrically and also help to keep it neater. Over the years the plant will begin to grow even in stones, perfectly placing them in context and thus making the garden more beautiful and lived.


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