Different Types of Exterior Shutters

When it comes to choosing the right exterior shutters, many homeowners are confused. There are many different types of exterior shutters on the market that are good enough to confuse homeowners. If you are also confused, a very good way to eliminate this confusion is educate yourself about different types of shutters in order to choose the best one. Let’s have a quick look at the different exterior shutters.

Wood Exterior Shutters – they offer great benefits, such as they look very attractive, they are highly functional, and they can be painted to match the color scheme of your home. Their reasonable price is another plus point of these exteriors. You can easily find wood exterior shutters on the market.

Exterior Shutters Lowes Window Shutters Idea In Exterior Shutters Different Types Of Exterior Shutters

Vinyl Exterior Shutters – these exterior shutters are by far the most cost-effective choices on the market. They are usually made from moulds which mean that they come in set lengths. One popular kind of vinyl exterior shutters is ‘hollow back shutter’ that are hollow.

PVC Exterior Shutters – they are a little more expensive than vinyl. They are usually made from solid materials which add to their hinge-ability and functionality. They can paint like wood exterior shutters. Generally, they have matted finish which makes them look and feel like wood shutters. These shutters are usually built by hands like wood shutters, but they are more expensive than wood shutters. Before buying a PVC exterior shutter in dark color, make sure that it is thermally stabilized.

Composite Exterior Shutters – they are made from recycles cedar wood dust and then they are treated with zinc borate to become rot resistant. They last longer than wood exterior shutters, while they cost less than PVC and fiberglass exterior shutters.

Fiberglass Exterior Shutters – these shutters are the best option. They are very costly, but very light-in-weight, long lasting and durable.



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