Floor Level Shower Tray

A few ideas and types of floor level shower tray: a very elegant choice for the bathroom, which is weighted well, choosing materials and shapes suitable.

Floor level shower tray: why consider the option of a flat floor shower? The shower is a key element in the bathroom and her choice essentially depends on three factors: the cab, the valves and the plate.

In particular, the flat of the shower can give an aesthetic immediately recognizable to the element depending on its shape, its thickness and also the material of construction.

In the market you will meet many types of shower trays but now want to analyze the flat floor shower, the classic one that is placed in the base and that can present sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

Floor level shower tray: a different types

The flat shower floor can first be square or rectangular. Usually the minimum dimensions for the square version are 65×65 cm and the larger ones are of 90X90 cm. In addition to these switches to rectangular versions, which are perfect for large cabins. The shower can be bought ‘ready’ or composed piece by piece according to your taste and expectations.

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The flat shower floor can have a variable thickness, from a few millimeters, which speaks of floor-level up to a few centimeters, then turn out to be a size larger than the floor often. Usually the proposed floor are completed with a border that allows the water to flow, and that splits the pot from the floor itself. The interior of the shower plate may be smooth or may have grooves that make higher the level of safety during use.


The dish is completed wet room with the special drain that allows the flow of water and it is usually located inside one of the side plate area. Some shower trays present in the central position, maybe enclosed between the grooves or from an uneven game that is suited in cases of problematic water circulating downwards.

The floor level shower tray can be made of different materials. The most classic is the ceramics, which are associated solutions in the latest generation of plastic alloys, Corian and even natural stone.

Some flat wet room solutions exploit the principle of Kneipp. They are embedded with pebbles in order to create a beneficial foot massage.


The choice of material asks to look at the style of the bathroom, as if the environment is classic an ideal choice caters to ceramics while if the bathroom offers contemporary features is ideal to opt for plastic proposals or resin alloys and synthetic.

In any case, the latest generation of shower trays are coated with films that increase the adherence and safety during use.




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