Free Standing Sinks: Pros And Cons And Price Ranges

Let’s go to discover all the features of the free standing sinks with the pros and cons and price ranges.

The free standing sinks are also called room centerpiece sinks, as they can be placed anywhere in the bathroom, do not confuse them with sinks, we recommend it.

It is, in fact, of elements in their own right, which do not require support bases it of masonry attacks. Imagine vessel, positioned at any location of the bathroom, which act as a sink: these are the free standing sinks.

It is a kind of monolithic volumes, which usually exploit a floor drain to appear free, independent and therefore very spectacular.

Free Standing Sinks design and materials

Stone Free Standing Sink Bathroom Pertaining To Free Standing Sinks Free Standing Sinks: Pros And Cons And Price Ranges

Let’s see together what are the characteristics of free standing sinks and why we should prefer them in decoration of our bathrooms.

The free standing sinks are beautiful. Stand like columns, they are offered in simple and essential forms ensuring an aesthetic touch to the bathroom without equal.

These elements have been designed and manufactured in relatively recent times, as it did not exist before, and can be considered as the evolution of the column system, because they use the space in a complete way, rising from the floor as a real sculpture.

As for the materials, there is no limit to the imagination, as the free standing sinks are made of mineral mixtures, in the classic ceramic, acrylic resins but also in noble materials such as wood and marble.

The beauty of these elements lies in their form to the block that, in the case of sinks made of stone or wood, stands out most, making the chic and minimal environments.

The design has been satisfied with these types of sinks, also suggesting alternative materials such as clay or creating free standing sinks with very special shapes, which are beyond the simple column and you propose sometimes anthropomorphic. The finishes range from the use of metal powders to the use of glossy lacquer, suitable for bathrooms in a more contemporary style. Contemporary is, ultimately, the aesthetics conveyed by these elements, which are proposed as true elements of style.

The cons of choosing a free standing sinks


A little side asks to be open on the functionality of free standing sinks. How beautiful and spectacular, they can be hard cozy. The functionality is revealed practice, since it is a pure and simple sink, but lack the support points for the hands and arms. Usually free standing sinks are not made with extensive measures, but contained. Here it becomes necessary to enter in the immediate vicinity of the accessories such as towel holders, the toothbrush holder and soap dish, or rely on mobile suspended restraints placed in the immediate vicinity of the sinks.

Ultimately, the aesthetics pays a small duty to functionality, but the free standing sinks conquer the inhabitants thanks to their delicious forms, with the ability to place them in special positions (implants permitting!) And the possibility to introduce them in the bedrooms .

Some models have a predisposition to the drain in the wall, but the best choice is definitely the drain to the ground, allowing you to enjoy the element in all its purity and spectacular appearance.

Free Standing sinks prices


Here are some examples of prices of sinks and faucets free standing for sale directly online. For free standing sinks are on a price range that varies between $1,574 and $1,912. On free standing faucets hand prices vary. Can be found models about $225 to go up too much.

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