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Garden Barbecue – If you are looking for a barbecue, here’s our pick of the best models both gas and coal.

The garden barbecue are an increasingly common element in Italian homes. About the advanced technology that characterizes them and that it made them much leaner and more manageable than in years past. Thanks to the evolution of the sector, the prices have decreased by converting the garden barbecue elite element in popular tool, available to everyone.

Obviously the models qualitatively higher even have a considerable price, but with this aspect we have to come to terms in any case. The difference lies in the possibility of buying garden barbecue maybe less powerful but functional for sporadic use.

Here we present a selection of the best garden barbecue, chosen according to the technical specifications and the value for money.

Best Garden barbecue: BBQ Campingaz Expert 2 Deluxe


The first garden barbecue works on gas and is called Campingaz Expert 2 Deluxe and is a powerful tool (8.6 kw) and aesthetic designs. For sale at a price of 190.49 euro, offers of 110x50x111 measures and a weight of 23 kg. Full of compartments to place the cooked food and ‘tools of the trade’, this garden barbecue can be equipped with the spit, ideal for cooking meat and fish so tasty and convivial.

Best Garden BBQ: One Touch Premium, coal barbecue

To you an alternative solution to the gas. It is a small but powerful coal barbecue, Weber One Touch Premium. The basis of this barbecue yard is made of rolled steel, while the structure of the grate and the cover are created in black enamelled steel. Equipped with self-cleaning system, this element has the size rather minute (51x37x51) which makes it ideal for cooking food in the terrace (in the absence of the garden). The price is $218.53 US.

Best Garden barbecue: Outdoor chef, model City 420, electric

Those who love electrical solutions can instead choose this model of barbecue electric garden. It is dell Outdoor chef, model City 420. The element shape is spherical and the system presents the award-winning easy Reflect system, which increases the performance of the appliance and puts it on the same level of a gas barbecue. This system helps, indeed, to distribute the heat efficiently, and then to cook the food with greater ease. Its price is $221.95 US.

These examples of garden barbecue ‘fish’ by the three most common types on the market: the gas barbecue, charcoal barbecue and electric. Everyone has their own preferences in the field of food and, many times, the power system can determine the flavor of food. In any case these three choices are excellent examples of appliances at a fair price. If you are madly in love the art of barbecue and use it every other day and the other as well, maybe it should be directed to the professional nature products, skilled in performance and especially suitable for baking higher amount of food.



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