Garden Deck: Perfect for Relaxation

I gladly share this reflection on how to choose best garden deck to get a perfect relaxation.

The outdoor deck is a perfect element for relaxation. The comfort of an armchair, the sun associates the opportunity to lie down and then take a nap or read while lying down, ideal if you had also a nice garden pool.

In the market there are many models of sun yard, as this element is considered a must for the furnishing of last generation external.

The garden deck has suffered a great evolution in terms of materials and shapes. From the wooden pattern and rigid fabric, typical of past years, it has come to the proposals made in plastic alloys, resins and tropical woods such as teak and banana. Even the classic form has changed, in favor of sun that grow closer to the chaise longue.

Deck Rail Garden Box Deck Design And Ideas In Garden Deck Garden Deck: Perfect For Relaxation


How to choose the deck garden: best natural materials

Relaxation and the garden deck wholesomeness reside in the goodness of the fabrics used. In any case it is better to prefer the heavy cotton, flax, and any of natural origin fabric. Unlike synthetic compositions, natural fabrics allow the skin to breathe, attract moisture and release it ‘in small doses’ and are fireproof. When you decide to wash these textiles, it is also possible to do it at high temperatures, as they do not ruin themselves and at the same time can be disinfected.

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Some garden deck offer of mixed compositions, where the cotton base, jute or linen is defined with a plastic cover that makes them waterproof. These solutions are useful in many cases, because it does not need ‘run’ if it starts to rain, but in any case it is of synthetic coatings that come into contact with our skin.

How to choose the deck garden: height adjustment

Relax the garden deck offers is also proportional to the ability to raise and lower at will. The rigid structures is therefore better to prefer the solutions that can be adjusted in height. In this way the yard deck can be transformed into a bed or a chair, according to the requirements.

The aesthetics plays also very in favor of relaxing, because there are some very interesting proposals deck and stylistically pleasing garden.

The colored wooden structure in natural or in varied colors, it associates a wise and harmonious use of color to the wood used. Some proposals assemble a dark wood frame with white cloths or declined in the broken-down shades. Delicious and Colonial reference.


Other proposals instead exploit the color in the wood and you associate a textile cushions or in graphic patterns.

How to choose the deck garden: the cushions

A final aspect is very important to consider how to choose the garden as the sun cushions. Some garden deck offer, in fact, the possibility of incorporating pillows for the head or real mini-mattresses made on the shape of the structure. A bit ‘as in the home sofa, the cushions can be made of soft feathers and then introduce soft, or be composed of foam or polyurethane foam. This solution provides a more rigid seal and gives a more strict form element.



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