Garden Furniture: Furnishing Accessories for All Seasons

Garden furnitureSpring has now arrived and has arrived for us the time to gather all the proposals and ideas we have proposed to you in the long winter on how to decorate a garden in a unique practical and simple guide, with many ideas for articles also design as well as plenty of useful advice. Here’s our handy guide on how to decorate a garden.

Choose well the garden furniture

We begin our guide on how to decorate a garden by the choice of the leading furniture as chairs outside and the sun that is perhaps the most loved.

  1. The beach chairs to furnish the garden: how to choose the garden deck, perfect for relaxation.
  2. The chaise longue: Also do not forget that much more elegant opportunities for your outside, a nice chaise longue for the garden.
  3. The hammock for the garden, for your total relaxation.
  4. Garden chairs: models of the best brands.
  5. External screen: protect the garden in style.

Furniture Outdoor Patio Table And Umbrella For Fascinating Patio Pertaining To Garden Table Umbrella  Garden Furniture: Furnishing Accessories For All Seasons

And now we come to garden tables, essential accessory, here’s our advice:

  1. Tables of wooden garden, plastic and iron: which one to choose
  2. Waxed tablecloths for the garden

And now the barbecue, friendly moment excellence:

  1. The best garden barbecue
  2. How to build a brick barbecue

And now is the time of the fountain, here is our advice:

And how to overlook the choice of awnings and clean them without damaging them? and finally the choice of curtains from the veranda, very important of course.



Garden furniture: how to illuminate the garden

The choice of lights for your green is another element to consider, very important. If you also want compare a more sustainable choice for the environment, here are our specific study: Ecological lights for the garden.

How to create and design a garden

Exhausted the subject of the choice of the furniture and garden accessories, we move on to some tips on how to create and design your garden:

  1. How to decorate the garden with stones
  2. Natural stone flooring for the garden
  3. How to organize the garden lighting
  4. Pompeian for your garden?
  5. How to create an irrigation system DIY
  6. Faucets brass garden
  7. Design Watering Cans
  8. Pot holders: for balconies and internal, prices and models
  9. Terracotta garden pots and plastic models and prices

For those who had really a lot of space also recommend the installation of an above ground pool, here we are the best outdoor pools garden.



Garden furniture: DIY solutions

The trend of DIY also in creative recycling optics is emerging more and more in Italy and we have selected a few examples from which you’ll be up to decorate your garden if you have time and desire. Here they are:

  1. How to build a garden chair with pallets: easy and cheap
  2. A planter made from an old trunk
  3. Creative recycling for the garden: 3 decor ideas



How to decorate a winter garden and fall and preps it in spring

Here’s our practical tips for the maintenance of your garden:

  1. How to protect your garden furniture in winter
  2. Plants for the garden in autumn: 5 tips to follow How to keep your lawn in the fall: 3 tips
  3. How to clean the garden furniture with natural products
  4. How to prepare your garden for spring for spring garden flowers
  5. Kit gardening tools low cost: prices and advice
  6. Gardening DIY

How to decorate a terrace

If you live in the city and how many do not have the chance to have a garden on your still here are our tips for decorating your terrace in the city

How to protect your beautiful gardens by ants and mosquitoes

I think also extremely important to take natural solutions to try to keep away from your beautiful garden ants and mosquitoes.

I suggest that the advice offered by our site on natural remedies against ants and also on natural remedies against mosquitoes, all very healthy tips for a more environmentally friendly garden and a living.


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