Garden Shed Made From Pallets

The garden shed pallet is an interesting space as it is useful, as it allows both to stay garden tools and keep them in order, but it can also become a little haven for young and old.

Why is the garden shed seems to inspire all? Perhaps because it evokes childhood or maybe because it is a place of peace without the hustle and bustle of everyday modern life refuge.

Viewing various portals on the web, we found that the use of pallets to make a cabin is now more and more massive and that there are really feasible projects that take advantage of this recycled material to create interesting wooden houses and comfortable.

then we see three examples of small house on pallets garden to which we can inspire us if we want to realize a similar project also in our outdoor spaces.


Pallets garden shed: 3 examples of all

The first project on pallets garden shed is made of horizontal slats pallets and completed with a flat roof and with the inclusion of two front window made of tempered glass, and then adapted to support even the weather.

It is a simple design, since the cabin is a cube, which rests on the ground on a pallet system and which do not spread infinitely in length and in width.

In the side sections have been introduced with little door windows, to make the easy access also from this side. Obviously it needs a minimum of design to realize this project, but this log cabin realized in pallet proves very dynamic and cute in his final appearance.

The second proposed garden shed in the pallet is very special and is reminiscent of the dwellings that meet in the woods. For this reason, the building is suitable for a dense garden, where maybe there are some tall trees that surround it.

The house is made with four simple wooden walls and then ‘lined’ with many pallet slats detached from the element originates. The same was true for the roof and the result is a very rustic lodge, but of spectacular impact, which can be painted in soft colors but also with more special colors, such as pure white or saturated blue.

We come then to a garden shed in pallets which serves a special purpose, which is to welcome people as a place of refuge and bright surrounded by nature. This is a very simple construction, which has been made with wooden slats and left completely open in the front section, that is closed with a tempered glass sections. This allows you to see optimal external view and thus give rise to a personal space to write, read and meditate in peace.

No doubt, with recovery pallets can do wonders and these lodges for pallets in the garden can give a touch of inspiration to those who are thinking to realize them with the DIY technique, do it yourself, allowing you to give life to inexpensive construction but definitely original and full of character.



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