Long Narrow Bathroom Designs

Long narrow bathroom: here’s our advice and solutions to furnish the best a long narrow bathroom.

Some homes are structured so that the bathroom is long and narrow. This targets the houses and apartments that they wanted to devote more space to the rooms and then have ‘stolen’ volume to the bathroom. How to decorate a long narrow bathroom graceful way? What are the best solutions of furniture for a bathroom with these characteristics?

The primary advice is to satisfy the parent lines rather than enter elements that do not comply with the geometry. With regard to the coatings, it is better to prefer lightweight materials and skilled in widening the space. While the walls are painted in white, even health can be chosen optical or, at most ceramic, pearl gray. We see with some proposals of very interesting decor.

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Long narrow bathroom: furniture solutions

Let’s start with health, which could be suspended and defined by a linear geometry and voted to the square or rectangle.

  1. Nothing rims, wheels or dished elements, as make aesthetic confusion.
  2. The trick to making the harmonious environment lies in respecting the narrow lines and then to place the items in the long walls.
  3. To this end, the health must be little cumbersome, light and defined in shape.

Bathtub for a long narrow bathroom

We come then to an element which, strange to say, can be inserted with ease in an environment that has these characteristics. We are talking of the bathtub, which can also be rectangular and position in the same line of health.

If you do not love the tub and you want a shower, it is ideal exploit the small side more distant, in order to completely dedicate to the shower seat. You can also transform your bathtub into a shower if necessary.

Shower enclosures for a long narrow bathroom

To lighten the whole, the shower door is available with flush plate and delineated by tempered glass doors. Nothing prevents both equipped with every comfort and can be seen as the ‘wellness retreat’ of the house. For choosing the shower here is our advice: how to choose the shower bath.

Washbasin for a long narrow bathroom
The washbasin can be defined by a light frame and leaning at an opposite wall, or, in the case fits the bathtub, positioned in the opposite short side.

  1. The materials preferred are metals and wood, in white or natural version.
  2. An alternative to the washbasin can be represented by suspended or freestanding sink, beautiful and refined.

But where we are staying the laundry?

  • In shelves, mounted on the opposite wall. This solution saves space and allows you to decorate with style even the most bizarre bathroom long and narrow.

Decorations for a long narrow bathroom
We come now to the decorations, blessing of a long and narrow bathroom.

  1. Each accessory must be suspended, as there is no space to keep it on the ground or support. Never mind, because the suspended accessories are functional and very beautiful.
  2. The fabric should be light and can not miss a big mirror.
  3. Besides being an essential element, the mirror creates an unexpected light point and helps to make the long, narrow bathroom brighter.


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