Mini Kitchens Studio: Prices And Details

Mini kitchens studio: discover together what are the best mini kitchens on the market with prices and recommended models.

Mini kitchens are very interesting elements, perfect for organizing space from minimum volumes and to define the functional decoration of holiday homes such as the studios.

How To Design A Studio Apartment Kitchen Small Studio Apartment Kitchen With Regard To Mini Kitchen Studio Mini Kitchens Studio: Prices And Details

Their main feature is based on the optimization of the spaces:

  1. The hobs are integrated, in fact, with a furnace system and usually integrated with a refrigerator, or adjacent
  2. The spaces covered by mini kitchens do not generally exceed two meters, as these elements are designed for the functional furniture.

We see with our own selection of the best mini kitchens for one room, to appreciate both the rationality of their structure, the potential they offer to those who decide to incorporate them into their homes.

In third place in the podium of the best mini kitchens we meet a model marketed by Ged Kitchens, leader in this special market segment.

It is a project for the BeHappy residence in Lecco.

  1. The structure, beautiful and minimalist as a whole is able to accommodate the same space the hob and worktop, an oven and a refrigerator combined.
  2. On completion of works to the kitchen, you can close the element and takes the form of a stylish mobile defined by optical white.

The item can be forwarded to the reference portal Ged Kitchens, because it is a mini kitchen created specifically for that customer.

In second place in the ranking of the best mini kitchens we meet this nice combined model.

The proposal develops in height, it is proposed for the furnishing of tight spaces but rather defined by high walls. Marketed by Sarda Solutions Srl, this mini kitchen incorporates the same cabinet solid wood a rather large refrigerator at the bottom and has a top all be exploited with sink and stove.

  1. The place for the microwave is set from the top, in which parallel side is the place dries dishes.
  2. Beautiful, as characterized by the restraining wood, this mini kitchen can furnish with functionality Mini more mini that exist!

The company has a rich catalog of proposals and those who need a special mini kitchen can meet so many interesting solutions.

The top three countries of mini kitchens goes to the kitchen area EM37 Eugenia Manetti. The Florentine brand offers high-class products, distinguished by excellent technology applied to home appliances.

Besides being aesthetically perfect, this mini kitchen is functional, because it has a nice built-in oven and a cooking respectable level.

The mini refrigerator inside the faucet and complete the ensemble, with the ability to add any other appliances such as the dishwasher. Quality and style: the top of the mini kitchens available in the market.


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