How To Paint Furniture: A Professional Advice

How To Paint Furniture – The correct color can completely change the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Replacement of furniture are always sufficiently costly, and change its color – just the perfect option with a limited budget. Before you start painting remember the main thing: all wooden furniture, especially cupboards in the kitchen, covered with a glossy substance, which eventually can be wiped with a cloth, and on top of that your paint can be bad to go to bed.

Painting the kitchen furniture is more complicated than the furniture in the dining room, but with the right preparation, you will get a long-term design solution for reasonable money. We offer you 4 professional advice when painting kitchen cabinets.

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Do you need to paint the kitchen cabinets? Taking any decision, determine what coverage in your kitchen cabinets. If you can not identify yourself, seek professional help. They tell us how to properly prepare your furniture to paint. Depending on the complexity of the work, you may want to hire a professional. Ponder all as it should. Self repainting cabinets require you a lot of effort and attention. Always consider the cost of inputs to update the facade or the replacement of furniture in general, and how they relate to your short-term and long-term plans.

How to paint kitchen cabinets:

  1. Remove all accessories and fittings. Carefully wipe the surface. Use a clean, dry cloth or an old T-shirt, solvent (white spirit) or triple superphosphate. Do not just walk around with a cloth over the surface and rub thoroughly to remove the remaining oil, wax and dirt. It is important. The paint is very unpretentious material, but it is absolutely not tolerate dirty and greasy surfaces.
  2. Lightly sand the surface to a finishing layer. After polishing walk a clean cloth over the surface, so that there is not a single dust particles.
  3. Apply a soil pick primer for glossy surfaces.
  4. Apply at least two coats of paint you choose. Let the paint dry and lightly sand the surface between coats of paint.
  5. Once the paint is dry, assemble cabinets. Be sure to remember the sequence of their assembly and location.

Choosing the best paint

If you have decided to do everything yourself, contact a reliable hardware store and consult with staff about the choice of paint. Choose a waterproof paint, so you can later easily take care of the furniture. Also, the ink must be resistant to paint adhesion to the door in the closed position are not stuck.

In addition, we must remember that dark colors are more visible all the bumps and blemishes painting. And contrary to popular belief, the dirt, too, more noticeable in darker shades cabinets.

When buying paint, stop your choice on the most expensive lineup. These paints are very thick and are consumed sparingly. Do not use a matte coating them much harder to maintain.

What you should pay particular attention to:

Painting cabinets at first glance may seem unpretentious exercise, but it is a great and laborious work. Make sure you have the time, experience and patience. Remember that you have to “contemplate” painted cabinets every day. Be critical in relation to their abilities. Doubts remain – hire a professional. Of course, the work of the expert will take much less time, and the result will be higher quality. Examine different viewpoints. Whatever decision you have taken, communication with different users will be a wonderful experience for you. Many professionals use when painting spray. This gives an excellent result and a smooth surface.

Enjoy the process. And most importantly, remember, it’s just paint.


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