Pallet Bedroom: DIY Idea of Creative Recycling

The pallets, usually called pallets are wooden structures used for the transport of goods. But their potential is truly remarkable: after completing their primary job, may in fact be reused in many ways, especially in furnishing. Let’s find out how to create a pallet bedroom.

Pallet bedroom: try to do it yourself

How about to create, with them, an original bed and eco-friendly? It is much simpler than it might appear at first sight! We will follow you step by step in its implementation.

1. Get 4 wooden pallets, but if you want a higher bed, there will be used twice.

2. Arrange on a counter the work tools needed.

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You need: electric sander, sandpaper, compressor, screwdrivers, 18/20 cm screws, water-based dye, the color of your choice, clear varnish, mat and shiny, brushes, hammer and pliers.

3. You get smooth and polished axes.

Sand it all surfaces with a power sander. Later. eliminated, through the aid of pliers, any protruding nails. Remove dust, due to the abrasive action of the sandpaper, with the use of a compressor.

4. Arm yourself with brushes and colors.

After laying a coat of iron carbide, expect that the pallets are completely dry and then, finally, spread the color to water, considering if two hands are needed.

For what nuance opt? It depends on your tastes, your imagination and the rest of the vessels that make up the bedroom. The more traditional solutions expect to maintain the color of the wood or to resort to white, but bright colors or pastel will donate to read a very trendy look, especially if intended for a child.

Once the paint has dried, smooth the surface of the pallet with a fine-grit sandpaper, remove the dust originated, always resorting to the compressor, and passed a transparent varnish in order to protect the pallet.

Use a matte finish, satin or gloss? If you want to lay hold upon a style that veers from rustic to Nordic, intervene as little as possible in upsetting the natural look of wood. If, instead, you want to create unprecedented ultra modern creations, treat yourself to the whim of the effect brushed or even polished.

5. Assemble and tighten.

Join up the pallets through about 18/20 cm long screws, that will set, by means of a screwdriver, at the base of each of them. Turned over the building and placed in the four corners of the same number of wheels, preferably provided locking: will be essential to move the bed.

6. Enjoy your masterpiece!

Now Wooden scented and paint and have the hair of dust sprinkled, but your bed is finished! It’s time to put any a mattress, a couple of pillows, colored or monochrome linen, ultra minimal, for a metropolitan style, or with lace details, to create a shabby chic environment.



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