How To Prepare Your Garden For Spring

Spring is coming! Refresh your garden! Discover together our tips on how to prepare the garden for spring.

Spring is finally here, so we can dedicate ourselves to refresh the garden, waking from winter hibernation and preparing to welcome the spring blooms. Although this year 2016, the sprouting seems to be very slow, there are species that are already flowering, especially in the south Italy, where the climate is milder. So let’s see what are the basic operations to be carried out in the garden for spring, to awaken and prepare it for the spring season.

How to prepare your garden for spring: the essential cleaning

You first need to carefully clean any residue of dry grass or rooted in the soil. Many species of weeds may have stuck to the bottom of the earth, so it is ideal to use a spade and go carefully the soil, removing weeds and then leaving the land free to breathe. Once you removed the weeds you must rake the surface to bring it. Those who want to plant vegetables or flowers, can choose to fertilize the soil. And ‘ideal procuring natural fertilizers like manure and then turn the soil with a spade so that he can go deep and nourish the earth weakened by the wind, the cold and the chill of winter.


Once these primary operations must act on the bushes, then prune perennials if increased too much during the winter and to buy them a nice shape. At the same time we must also prune the shrub roses, removing the stems weakened and damaged. To properly prune the shrub roses should try to remove the stems that grow in a disorderly manner and try to give a compact form to the collection. Even plants such as fuchsias and the dogwood can be pruned this month to encourage flowering.

How to prepare your garden for spring: flowers and decorative plants for planting

And now time to plant peas, which are decorative plants and also very good to eat. If we have a piece of garden we can plant some wooden chopsticks, roll out a network and then drill many holes in the ground to house the early bought canned peas. Do not worry about the amount of peas to be inserted into each hole and act with abundance, because it is said that each pea generate a seedling. Growing up, the buds will climb to networks and can flourish. As regards the other species of vegetables, it is preferable to wait a few weeks and proceed to April, when even the nights become warm. Although the danger of frost is averted, it is best to avoid planting the most sensitive species, which could suffer the low night temperatures.

During this month you can be sown different varieties of flowers, but it is good practice for a few weeks still cover the soil with a little ‘after sowing of non-woven fabric, which maintains the proper temperature and does not block the germination of seeds in the ground. It ‘also important to check that the snails are awakened and then act accordingly. Snails are greedy animals of shoots, so if we note their presence is ideal act accordingly.

Here are our tips for the best choice of spring garden flowers

Basic, March is a month of preparation and awakening. Is our temperature evaluation to decide whether or not to sow, because everything depends on the climate zone where the garden is located. Ultimately, the important actions to refresh the garden are based on thorough cleaning of the ground, on rose pruning of evergreen shrubs and plants in the early management, which can be planted in recent weeks to give early spring fruit, already in the first weeks of June as happens with peas.

If it then also in the awning garden, here’s our advice on how to wash your awnings without damaging them.

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