Proper Kitchen Cabinet Outlet

If you want your kitchen to become more functional and to make it suitable for everyday living and special occasion as well, installing electrical outlets in the kitchen or small kitchen appliances may be safe, as long as you will conform to the guidelines code. If you have an electric outlet just inside the cabinet, this is one of the best options especially if the kitchen went through some changes. You can also use the outlet, but there are just some important things that you have to always keep in mind.

If you ever thought of renovating your kitchen, it should be power friendly. You have to always think of all the appliances in the kitchen and all appliances require an outlet just to have enough amount of electricity. To make sure that your kitchen is hazard free, you need to always conform to the electrical codes for proper placement & variety of outlets. A lot of homemakers wish to hide their cabinet outlet not knowing that they cannot do that with every outlet since it is one of the most useful in the kitchen.

Furniture Elegant Medallion Cabinetry For Your Furniture Ideas Within Kitchen Cabinet Outlet Proper Kitchen Cabinet Outlet

Kitchens must have outlets placed evenly along the counters of the kitchen. These should be around four ft. along the counter or twelve ft. from the wall. If you will install the outlets in the kitchen cabinets or you will place the outlets drop down the appliance, they do not have to conform to the requirements given. The cabinet outlets must be used to provide added power sources to plug or to even mount appliances just like the microwaves or exhausts.

If you are interested in placing some outlets inside the cabinets, you can do that too. These outlets are not deliberately handy when it’s about the accessibility of the outlets in the kitchen, but they offer safety to a lot of homes wherein the presence of small kids is considered because they cannot reach the inner part of the cabinets.

There should also be an outlet under the sink if you have a cabinet there too. This is best for proper garbage segregation there or dishwashing. There should also be an extra outlet for microwave oven as well. You can check the building codes from your locality and then find out if you need to have a separate circuit in the kitchen.

Outlets that are under the cabinets are best but you can also install outlets along he counters. They are not so visible but they are easy to use and useful as well. You can place the outlets under the raised kitchen cabinets or apron.

Apron is a wooden piece that envelopes the base of the cabinet thus it creates a shallow part inside. You can place lights or even outlets in these places without making the outlets visible to the guests.

The proper places of outlets in the kitchen must always be considered especially if you want to enhance the look of the kitchen yet you don’t want outlets to be very visible to others especially to the guests.


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