Small Apartment Storage Solutions

Small Apartment Storage Solutions – This is the modern reality: no matter how many square meters are not counted flat, separate room for home appliances, chemicals, host devices are not found. Since today times, we used to store the iron on the windowsill, for drying cupboard, Powders for the toilet. Although there is. They built the same shelf in the bathroom, where there is often settled “wizards” in the form of a saw, a hammer and an ax. Nonsense, that no one ever touched them. But the mistress slipped under the sofa daily ironing board!

The most absurd fate of the vacuum cleaner. Usually it settles behind a door or spoil the mood on the balcony. But more often migrate, not giving to forget about yourself. Even in the new cabinet, the compartment is not always a place for him. In fact, we are to blame, and only us. Purchasing equipment and household goods for the home, you should already know exactly what they of dislocation. Otherwise, then do not complain that we have to 2:00 in the apartment with a 15-liter basin to walk, not knowing where he was parked. But not everything is so neglected, as it seems. Let’s try to add up tetris and all necessary for conducting an uneasy economy.

All ironing


How everything is beautiful in the movies and magazines: all home laundry. For you it is a luxury? No problem. Hide dryer, iron and ironing board can be literally in the wall by the method of the secret key rings. You have to be a great place for pictures or mirrors. They were easy to hide an iron and a folding board. In addition to folding, folding note embedded ironing boards. In the end, the board can be hung on the wall behind the door, impassable room.

There are also holders for iron and ironing board, which can be attached to the side wall inside the cabinet.


With the drying easier: how much free space, and such purchase. Not at all? Then you fit sliding yarn, attached to the wall near the ceiling or “ladder”, which easily falls into the bath, and stored at, a washing machine.


Every big family needs a lot of clothes dryer. But they have to be voluminous wardrobe or closet. For a fee, folding table-dryer necessarily fit.

And that it does not inadvertently slipped, attach the cabinet to the wall hook. By the way, today, many manufacturers of furniture offer a narrow branch in the compartment specifically for this purpose. And not just in the wardrobe. Folding design even manage to put in a general pull-out kitchen drawer!

Still, the main rule: how often do you use devices for drying and ironing, they have to be so close at hand. Just do not forget about safety, hanging them on the wall or door.

Hoover worker

Can anyone remember how to “Whirlwind” Soviet vacuum cleaner was perfect ottoman convertible. And the thing desired in the hallway and technology becomes invisible. a place to find it is difficult for modern vacuum cleaners. Although … designers as an alternative offer to store cleaners on the balcony in the niche shops or in the bin – and decorative, and functional. It should also be noted that the vacuum cleaner is stored in a wardrobe is not always convenient, especially when there is provided a chest of drawers for shoes and it settles on the lower shelves.

Any vacuum cleaner requires enough space, but even a perfectly designed wardrobe for household needs will help in drying the washing vacuum cleaner. Guests at the threshold of the apartment cleanliness and spread out like the skeleton of a mammoth, a vacuum cleaner. He has perfectly dry – it can not collect. At such moments, you sorry that bought it and started a cleaning service.

Universal storage

For those who are not going to reinvent the wheel, it is best to find a place in the apartment for the cabinet the size of a refrigerator. Make it better to order, according to the measurements of all household appliances. And no matter where it will stand: on the balcony, in the hallway or in the room door. Best of all, will be on hand and in one place.


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