10 Most Strange Houses In The World

Strange Houses In The World – Always the house was also a way for men to express their world and not just a shelter from the elements and animals.

In this article we present some strange houses, made with the DIY or signed by famous architects, have the advantage of reinventing spaces and therefore also the way of living spaces.

From the apartment to the transparent shell-house, from the house of a square meter of the house in the rock, the residents of these apartments have really found an original way to live. Some people did it out of necessity and because those tired of the usual forms, but all are united by the fact of having created something personal and, let’s face it, sometimes extravagant and bizarre.

The shell house

It’s called Nautilus and it is a beautiful house in the shape of a shell or marine snail. Have you ever wondered how it could be living inside a shell? You should ask the Mexican family that lives there. This original dwelling is in fact in Mexico City and has been designed by architect Javier Senosiain Arquitectura Organica for a family whose two children were tired of living in the usual concrete block and wanted to find something that would evoke nature. Certainly not many parents can afford it. The structure, inspired by the creations of Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright, is developed as a spiral and through a spiral path leads to the heart of the house, maybe it’s a sign of the times, is the TV room, surrounded by plush sofas.


The house between the buildings

You know what would be the sense of oppression and “crushing” you could try walking in the narrow space between two tall buildings? Well, some people have thought to use that space overcharged for a room that seems to literally stuck and squeezed between the buildings that surround it. Useless to think of organizing parties or dance parties in this room, but for sure it was delicious, especially as a haven in which to spend the night.


The Keret House, as it is called, will find it in Warsaw, Poland, and certainly represents perhaps the thinnest house in the world since its width varies from 92 to 152 cm. the project was designed by architect Jakub Szczęsny.

The house between two boulders

The caves are the oldest shelters our ancestors, but we can say that the strength of the rock has never been completely abandoned by men since for thousands of years they have continued to dig accommodation in stone.


This home is located in Portugal and, as it seems carved from the rock, actually combines with bricked walls stone two huge monolithic boulders. This house has become a huge tourist attraction.

The house of one square meter

This house is perhaps the smallest accommodation in which a man can stand (if we exclude the dog house). It may seem absurd that such a narrow space has been conceived and created as a way to be free and independent, but it is exactly like that. Certainly we must place the idea in the context in which it was conceived, which is that of the refugee camps in which for long years the architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel, now based in Berlin, has had to live. Just by reading his words you can understand the meaning of this project: “This is the one square meter in the world where I can be the one to decide on which view you open the window, in which direction the door opens, and where can I be the one to decide which neighbor to have.”

This is a very interesting project for fans of DIY as the wooden structure is easily achievable. The most interesting thing is that this tiny housing can be placed vertically, if you want to sit, or horizontally, if you want to use it to sleep or rest.

The entire structure weighs about 40 pounds and can be transported with relative ease, being equipped with wheels for easy moving.

The transparent house

When talking about something that has nothing to hide and conceal it it is often said that such a thing is like a glass house. The glass is, by its nature stands for transparency and brightness.


The house that illustrate here is not entirely of glass but has made the transparency (and, consequently, the lack of privacy) its essential note.

The entire structure is based on a white painted steel skeleton that should draw the structure of the trees. The singular feature of this house is that not only opens fully to the outside view but, in good part, also to the inside. Communicate visually and acoustically between floors is very easy in this house.

This building, known as “NA House”, is located in Tokyo and is a project by Sou Fujimoto Architects.

Little House on the water tower

This project is a case very successful reuse and conversion of a water tower in a residential unit.

The water towers – perhaps not everyone knows – are mushroom-shaped structures used as water reservoirs; this means that their summit is accumulated water whose function is to keep constant the flow of the liquid in the tubes of the users and, at the same time, maintain the pressure constant, so that also the more distant ch housing and higher They are supplied with water without inconvenience.


This property is located in Belgium and is a Bham Design Studio project. The tower contained 250,000 liters of water and, within it, has been maintained the original tank so that you do not lose the memory of the tower feature, from whose roof you can enjoy a magnificent view of the countryside and the surrounding town.

The house of the Flintstones

Who does not remember the famous cartoon about the prehistoric family of the Flintstones? And who can forget binges of Fred brontosaurus meat?

The television host Dick Clark, who is also a legend of telivisione, has inspired all his house to that prehistoric saga. It certainly can not be said to have lacked originality. The result is a wonderful accommodation in Malibu, United States.

With the death of the owner the house was put up for sale for the modest sum of 3.5 million dollars.

A church to house

It is said, sometimes referring to a person sober and without Rilli to him that is a “person throughout the house and the church”; Well, if your home was just a church (even though they are no longer used), you could use this expression the literal and not metaphorical.

This converted church in the house – even if the expression is not a happy one – is located in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and is the work of a specialized study, the Zecc Architecten, in the rehabilitation of original mind buildings not used for residential purposes.

The result may not be in line with the taste of many but it is certainly a successful attempt of its kind, having respected the original style and not having completely changed the building.

Personally we find the great cathedral windows that, in direct sunlight, should project a phantasmagoria of colors inside the house.

House of Bamboo

Abandoned a successful career in New York, in fashion, Elora Hardy decided to devote himself to building bamboo houses in Indonesia.

He spent five years revolutionizing the traditional bamboo structures in the belief that the material was under-used but ideal perspective of sustainable development and as a renewable material. Hardy uses boron, element found in nature, for the protection of the bamboo in order to make it resistant to insects.

Bamboo has the strength of concrete compressive the strength-to-weight ratio of steel, and is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. The damage from insects and moisture are its main weaknesses, but if properly treated, the bamboo structures can last a lifetime.


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