Top 25 Modern Bathroom Tiles 2016

These days, bathroom tiles are used to beautify! The problem is that people do not take into account the design of the tiles and what suits best. People just place the tiles in the bathroom as standard. But modern bathroom tiles have been provided in a wide array of colors, shape, size and material. The buyer has to choose the best tile in order to make her stay in the bathroom worthwhile.

Modern tiles come in many designs. One of the most used modern tiles is the glass tile. It provides a contemporary look to the bathroom making it look elegant.

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Glass tiles are a bit more expensive than the regular ceramic ones but they add that wow factor to a bathroom. The best thing about glass tiles is that they offer more depth to the colors, reflect more light and provide a distorted reflection.

Another design is the mosaic tile, which can look  arty and creative. It adds an additional interest to the bathroom as it creates some great effects to the room. Mostly used in the shower area, it makes the place look interesting and attractive to use.

One such tile is the Glazed Sunset Moon. It is made of pebbles and each one of them is specifically picked and hand-sorted. The pebbles are attached to a sturdy mesh with environmental friendly glue.

Mosaic tiles come in many colors and many shapes. This tile provides an elegant and unique look to the bathroom. A similar tile to the mosaic is the pebble tile.

So, if you are constructing or renovating the house, it is best to choose modern bathroom tiles to provide elegance and beauty. Here we collected top 25 modern bathroom tiles design 2016.



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