Top 8 Elements Of Good Kitchen Design

Elements Of Good Kitchen Design – Well-chosen details will help freshen your kitchen and give the character design, regardless of whether you have new furniture or updated old. Even the smallest elements of decor can drastically change your entire kitchen.

1. Decorative supports. Decorative supports attach to the artistic accent upper kitchen cabinets. Before they had a functional purpose, but now it is just a decoration. Decorative supports may be very different in style and size. When you are choosing forms, make sure they are stylistically complementary design cabinets, rather than stand out bright spot.

elements of good kitchen design

Tip: avoid any decorative elements longer than 30 cm.

2. Console. Decorative console will give your plain luxury kitchen on the island for a photo. Thanks to its bump console stand out on the surface of the furniture and attract the attention of others. The most expensive console run manually from a natural tree. The most affordable are made in a factory. Normally, such console paint under color of food.

3. Apron. The apron is a strip of wood that is on the perimeter of the under counter tops. Standard apron should be no larger than 7 cm, which allows you to leave enough space for the legs under the table top kitchen island. This is useful if the chairs are of medium height.

4. Racks. Decorate kitchen island embossed pillars at the corners. The design of this kitchen decorative racks are the perfect complement to the curve of your countertops. Although relief racks-just decorative detail of your kitchen, remember that you’ll need additional funds. Apart from the fact that the rack will require additional costs will need to increase in size and the countertop. And this, too, will cost additional money.

5. Deepening the bottom foot of kitchen islands. In many modern kitchens provided standard the recess at the bottom of the cabinets. Recommended depth 11.5 cm. This is very handy when you are working in the vicinity of the furniture. For areas with less functional load can make the original deepening, using the very furniture that will give the kind of free-standing structures. Such a decision can be seen in the design of the island in the photo.

6. Decorative panels. If the Cabinet is not adjacent to a wall, decorative panels help to keep the aesthetic appearance. Try to pick a side and rear panels in the same style with kitchen fronts to maintain unity in kitchen design. Design decorative panels can be simplified depending on your budget.

7. Valence. Valenciennes – decorative panel for blinds. The design of this kitchen used two decorative architectural Valence -one of the table and one above the stove. Valence can hide the necessary, but not very aesthetic appliances. Valence over the stove hood hides, and above the table – illumination. The choice of shapes, sizes and designs Valenciennes great. Most ordered in standard sizes and then adjusted on the spot.

8. Decorative legs cabinets. Design cabinets can give them a reason to “flavor”. Decorative legs are fixed at the recess for the feet. Use them for a cabinet for ease of decoration, or “Put on” all the furniture for a single image. With a limited budget, you can add decorative legs only to the kitchen cabinet with a sink or hob in order to give the kind of free-standing furniture.


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