How To Transform Kitchen Cabinets

How to transform kitchen cabinets? The combination of the two colors in the kitchen design is still popular. Use this technique to transform your kitchen.

This approach many supporters and many opponents. In any case, different colors and textures combine in the design of kitchens since the dawn of time, when the kitchen was a desk, a few shelves, and one or a couple of cabinets for food. Proper use of two (or even three) colors kitchen cabinets give the space expression. Here are some ideas for a combination of different textures and colors. Each design pursued different goals, but the result is always impressive.


1. Select the central element of your kitchen. Kitchen island rich red revives restrained kitchen in cream colors. It emphasizes the red color on the apron and the rear of the upper cabinets. The color balance of the design is maintained by a neutral background.

2. Attach the air kitchen thoroughness. Brown-colored espresso cabinets little down to earth the air kitchen. Using only two natural colors can keep the design reserved.

3. Drop the ceiling. Unlike the previous example, it is located on top of the dark, and the light from the bottom cabinets. As a result, the kitchen looks cozy and neat. Contrasting colors emphasize perfectly beautiful architectural elements, such as the unusual design of the glass facade of the upper cabinets.

4. Add the sheen. The bottom row of cabinets with glossy acrylic coating brings to the already fashionable kitchen a touch of glamor and shine. The contrast with the matte surface of the base of the island and the upper cabinets and polished floors and countertops island creates an interesting play of textures.

5. Rasshiryaem neutral palette. None blue bright cabinets this kitchen could become normal brown kitchen. They fill it with energy, depriving some anonymity. It will be easier to use a bright color in the design, if your cabinets will look like a freestanding piece of furniture – in this example, with wardrobes, cupboards.

6. Stresses the color of the walls to Cuneo. Lemon color kitchen island in common with paler color of the walls. This technique also works if you want to repeat in the interior of the dominant, or the background color of tiles or wallpaper.

7. Add to the interior of subtle colors. For a spectacular kitchen design is not necessary to use bright colors. In this quiet elegant kitchen silver-gray shades prevailing island creamy white and pale gray with a pinkish tint. His gentle presence does not disturb the overall color harmony.

8. Tying the color of floors and walls. Sometimes contrasting trim furniture can create a visual transition between the color of the floor and walls. Warm tones of cherry cuisine relate the brick floor, white upper cabinets and colored kitchen apron.



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