How To Turn Bathtub Into Shower

Turn Bathtub Into Shower – The bathtub is a very special piece of furniture, which allows you to relax and devote themselves to the search for prosperity. But often there is not, the time to take a nice hot bath and the frenzy of commitments brings the inhabitants could afford at most a shower, often very fast. The bathtub then loses its function and is used as a base of the shower and exploited just nothing for relaxing baths.

Here are our tips on how to turn bathtub into shower to reduce water consumption and rationalize the volumes of your bathroom.

If this trend is proposed continuously, it may want to turn bathtub into shower, and then convert the item to a cabin that makes it more practical experience, nice and also rejuvenating. But how I can transform the bath tub in the shower in no time and spending balanced figures?


How to turn a bathtub into a shower?

Many companies involved in converting the tub into a shower in a few hours, performing the masonry and lining works very fast.

It is a ‘package’ or a ‘system’ that leverages existing drainage channels, to give life to a very nice shower and modern. The sides of the tank are then demolished and in their place is mounted a plate that can take a dress and even recessed flush with the floor.

The structure of the bath is then replaced with the cabin of the shower, which can be placed against a wall or even positioned on the niche where once the bathtub. Usually the proposals relating to the aesthetics of the shower enclosure are varied and designed to meet the different requirements of style. But the result is very interesting, especially if you count the hours of work that this work requires.


On balance, if the bath is not used is useless to keep it in the bathroom, as it is a very cumbersome element, but especially uncomfortable.

The companies that deal with transforming the tub in the shower then propose solutions that can allow you to gain precious centimeters inside the room. We know how the bathrooms are asking to be organized to perfection, then delete the unnecessary volume to make room for a containing furniture, or to a more spacious basin reveals a serious and intelligent choice, the service of functionality and comfort.


The shower can also be achieved with more water savings, so to maximize resources by offering greater well-being experience.

What matters is choosing serious companies and prepared, they are able to do the job on time and above all to choose the high-quality materials, from the shower cubicle to the taps, a complement that can really afford to get the top performance with an eye to saving water.


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