How To Use Red Color In The Interior

Red is a color of fire, love, lust and blood. In China red symbolizes happiness. In Japan red a symbol of heroism. In Western cultures, red is associated with sexual energy and violation of the rules.

No matter which means red in different cultures, it is a beautiful and spectacular color. Pure red is the primary color, but its range of large shades, from pale pink (white color with a minimum addition of red) to scarlet, crimson and red-orange. The interior design bright red used in the form of color accents and decor for the walls, floors and doors are choosing darker shades of brown.


The ideal companion of red is the color of aqua or turquoise blue, but it also looks great in combination with green, all the options of neutral colors, especially with warm gray and white. Red looks spectacular on lacquer surfaces (Chinese lacquer), and with the right lighting.

Red is suitable for different styles of decor, from sleek modern to country-cute. Remember, this is a sensual color and use it only follows if you are ready for bold design. Room in red color devoid of any timidity.

Red kitchen

Red fills the space with warmth and comfort. In this eclectic design red binds together a retro stove, apron, an island in the rustic and colorful oriental rug.


The red color of cabinets, especially if the facades are covered with no paint and stain, the kitchen fills the warmth and create an atmosphere of a traditional village. This color combines perfectly with the warm tones of natural wood.

Red walls

Most often used for red accent walls. It looks bright, but does not absorb all the space. In combination with the straight lines and bright white color of the red kitchen looks fashionable, but warm.

If you want to paint everything in red, choose a small space. Little guest toilet room in red looks expressive and does not overwhelm.

Red wallpaper Chinese style give this space a sense of depth and high cost. Imagine this same wall in gray-green or beige colors – looks quite boring, is not it.

Another example of accent wall. Thanks to the excellent coverage of the red looks advantageous. He seemed to glow, filling the space with warmth and intimacy.

Example accent wall with a highly glossy surface. It stands out against the background of a bright spot warm neutral colors and looks almost like a work of art.

This design uses red tiles. In contrast to the bright white is red attached bathroom depth.

Red floor in the interior is a spectacular choice. The large space with high ceilings and full of warmth and privacy.

Decoration in red

Choosing print with lots of red, you reserve the right to add red accents. In this design red dominant, but it does not absorb other colors. And how well it blends with the green!

Red sofa prim little animates the living room in a traditional style.

This tiny bathroom admirable. Red wallpaper perfectly combined with the color of the tiny bathroom.

Living room in a traditional style with red accents.

Living in a modern style with red accents.

Red exterior.

The red color is present everywhere in nature, but you do not often see it in the exterior decoration of buildings or surrounding area (except for doors).

Any door can benefit from the use of red.

Pattern in the Moroccan style can look very modern, combined with well-chosen pieces of furniture and accessories.



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