Waxed Tablecloths for Garden and Terrace

Here are all the pros and cons for choosing waxed tablecloths for your table in the garden or on the terrace.

Tarpaulin, PVC and polyester: these are usually the components of waxed tablecloths, elements that can not be understood as the top of the healthiness, but are able to furnish and to define outdoor spaces as your garden or terrace and in a practical way functional.

The characteristics of these tablecloths make them, in fact, ideal to an external use, on garden tables or the terrace, since their first dowry is the impermeability. Waxed tablecloths can be wet endlessly and just a quick wipe with a sponge or a cloth dampened with fresh water to bring them back.


For the same reason, waxed tablecloths can be maintained in a permanent in outdoor spaces and clean before using them. They are not afraid of the water, and only after long fade when exposed to sunlight. It ‘still a good idea to protect them, then position the tables covered, at least one umbrella, to make them last longer, but there’s nothing to worry about, these tablecloths are really weather resistant.

Among the positive characteristics of waxed tablecloths we can finally count the style, because gone are the days when plastic tablecloths were terrible to look, full of drawings bizarre and absurd colors. Nowadays, these items can also be found in very nice versions, chic solid colors such as gray or burgundy and even beautiful graphic versions, enriched with flowers or graphic elements small size.

That waxed tablecloths have lost their way ‘by festival’ and were passed to a coherent furnishing of outdoor spaces.

The second good feature of garden tablecloths to be found in low cost, because it is economic, that do not require to be washed or treated with some kind of detergents. Ultimately, it is tablecloths practical, economical and also rich in style if chosen carefully.



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