IKEA bedroom storage

The beauty of using stickers to decorate the Ikea furniture includes:

Easy to apply the decal for Ikea furniture
Removing Graphics Designer is easy when it comes time to sell
You can change the decals regularly depending on the style or season
Stickers are washable which makes it simple Ikea surface cleaning,

How to choose the right design and wall stickers wall stickers for your IKEA bedroom storage?

ikea bedroom storage ideas
ikea bedroom storage ideas

Size: You must choosekitssmall decals applied to the voice. You could have a theme or several small stickers. This will make easier the application of the graphic surface.

Finishing: Decals are available in glossy or matt finish. Choose decals with a matte finish, you will have a “wall” type look hand painted. When brilliant choice you are looking for a statement. Our preference is opaque, but the good thing about decals- promote individuality, so go ahead and match your IKEA bedroom storage style.

Color: The same color use principles in the interior design sticker applicable to accessories. Or choose neutral colors, complimented the colors that suit the rest of the combination of colors or contrasting colors if they work well with your decor.

Another consideration is that the decals can look impressive in the same color of Ikea furniture. For example, if you have a white bookcase Ikea. Buying a bright white sticker will counteract the texture and capture all available light in the room.

Similarly, if you have a shiny silver table with a sticker of metallic silver design on the surface, it will be an absolutely amazing appearance.

Ideas for decals IKEA bedroom storage:

There are hundreds of ideas for using decals or wall surface graphics on modern furniture. Do not be limited by this list, but be inspired to achieve great heights in your home decor.

ikea chairs

Apply word decals on the back or seat of the chair. Words like friends laugh. EAT DRINK.
Apply the drawings on the back or the seat of the chair. Fancy be king or queen for a day, placing a decal shape of the crown on the back of the chair.

Ikea tables

Our favorite sticker is fun to apply a vinyl board in the top of the dining table. table setting can incorporate carpet, knife, fork, spoon, glass. These can be either traditional or modern settings adorn simplistic decal settings.
block of words. Place blocks of words, a little backwards, sideways, etc. on the table so that people can read backwards.

Ikea libraries

Not enough books? For a fun and interesting idea, use a sticker to decorate the back of the library. Either directly on the wall or use glue directly on Ikea furniture.
Bring nature indoors by draping a screw wall decal on the side of the IKEA sticker set.


Use a small bench as a canvas and you can use wallquotes or wall stickers to decorate the side of it.
Place your favorite quote on the front wall of the Ikea kitchen cabinets.
Go retro with 60s cocktail glasses decals and shakers in a row on the front of a sunglasses wardrobe.

Ikea Bedroom Furniture

Hides the study desk in a corner of the bedroom giving two bands of wild animals, a riot of flowers or just use simple shapes to decorate circle Ikea desk.
Wall stickers are a fun way to dress up an Ikea mirror. Choose from a selection of emotional wall quotes or just decorate the edges with the name of the capital of the world for a more cosmopolitan feel.


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