IKEA kids bedroom

IKEA kids bedroom , As professional interior designer and a specialist in the design room for children (it is the most rewarding and fun!), I think one of the most important elements in the original design of the chamber a young boy, is to include your son in the process as much as possible. When they are a little older, it’s nice to sit and have a brief discussion about what they are planning their new room would look like. Although the details covered in this process are largely dependent on the age of the child at the age of three, most children have already formed preferences about what colors you like best, and will a theme in mind. Another way to start is by having them look at some pictures of the child’s bed linen is available online, and they emphasize the different styles that appeal to them immediately.

ikea kids bedroom sets
ikea kids bedroom sets

Many children seem to like bright primary colors and bold and Disney action figures, but there are those who dream of pirates, dinosaurs, construction problems, cars, trains, planes, or western themes. bedding for children can be purchased from “bed in a bag”, where everything is included. IKEA kids bedroom sets are often very cheap prices, and a good option if you consider that they may have a different design room change in several years.

IKEA kids bedroom , A useful tip, which I highly recommend, is to buy the bedding before painting the room. It works best to bring the blanket or quilt, blankets, etc., in the paint store with you to ensure that you get the “match” of color or perfect shade. For example, if a blue-gray color throughout the bedding, he may want to tone the color of the paint down a pair of sunglasses for the walls. I always bring samples to paint the house before buying the painting, just to see how the actual lighting in the room, making the color. I take about 10 samples of paint and glued to the wall, leaving for a day or two, to avoid making a decision too quickly. Day and night, light can affect your choice of color.


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