Small kitchen cabinets

“The kitchen is the heart of your home, is where a lot of hearts of your family have melted several times” may sound cliché to many people, but the reality justifies this as true. So how can a family of four looking after each of their assigned tasks simultaneously in a family kitchen that can accommodate two people at a glance? Like how the images can periodically go on when the mood is consumed to be digested by an uninitiated mind? A Small kitchen cabinets that can physically accommodate only two people will ever grow in physical size, but you can visually enlarge.

Well, here are some ideas for small kitchen remodeling and construction, which describes the fundamental points of the arrangements with the words to facilitate understanding.

small kitchen cabinets ideas
small kitchen cabinets ideas

1. Keep the light and bright

Made light and bright to add the illusion of expansiveness of an otherwise tight and narrow space.


There are many ways, but no more effective for painting walls and ceilings white. White light reproduce, expand the sense of space and makes the walls fall away. You can then make your choice of white ceilings, furniture and other furniture fixed to the wall combined with tile floors that are predominantly white or light colored. The look will be a space seamless; bright, clean and tidy. You can also use different shades of white or you can cash the panels of cabinets and moldings used to add subtle shadows and drama if you really love the purity of an all-white theme.

2. make a go for the low-contrast color melting point

The organization of all the Small kitchen cabinets components in the contiguous colors appear larger. adjacent colors; that is, the colors that have very slight variations when put together, they offer a seamless look, the lines delineating disappear. A light and bright kitchen, but not quite white for those who like a small difference in the color tone.


When the paint and the choice of kitchen appliances, custom floors, custom cabinets and other furniture to choose colors that are similar / identical and do not vary too much. Make a plan which a device, furniture or ceiling is set to be positioned so as to align the selected color tone and circulate freely. In this way, it is filled strategy to sketch the combination of fashionable colors.

3. Let the natural light

Although the physical space in your Small kitchen cabinets is small does not mean you can not put a window that will allow you to natural light. A simple window glazing with matching curtains that match the overall color scheme or if you want something to distract watch uninterrupted slightly smoked glass for privacy.


Nothing more relaxing and appealing to a kitchen that has a natural lighting during the day to dissipate by the stuffy feeling of limited space. Install one large window that can be opened when you want, dressed in transparent glass that you can dress with a blind or a complementary curtain. If you want to maintain uninterrupted appearance you can do without curtains or blinds for privacy. Instead, you can use smoked glass for the window, letting in light, but still give enough concealment.

4. Use high structure Eye

When designing to make concessions to attract the eye. It will increase the height of a space where the eye can follow a path perpendicular from the eyes to the ceiling. The space formed by the gap between the crown shelves and ceiling can attract attention, when equipped with moldings and functionally decorated with wine racks, huge ceramic plates that often are not not used or installed with a dramatic lighting.


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